Monday, 7 February 2011

the tools of the trade...

 my new toys!!!

I honestly can't remember if i've written about this if i have excuse me!! :))

This tool list appeared in my lap one day and i thought... well there's no prices on it and no brand names so whats the story??
It turned out to be a workshop of wonders as I stepped inside this old iron clad shed i couldn't help but smile i took pictures (above) and heaps of them.. wrote down all the details and got as much history as I could..
It turned out the old gentleman now passed away had been a market gardener and quite the inventor as such a job requires..You should have seen this place, a gantry for carrying out large works to the kiln and a place for everything and everything in its place...
Even the atmospheric fluro light that hummed away was inspiration for this Alladin's cave.. I brought all my notes and images to Kevin 'el Club Superman extraordinare' and said what do you think?
I brought home 2 extruders with more attachments than I know what to do with, a de-airing pugmill all home made....a bunch of glaze materials, some cones and a few tools including a cheese slicer or 3 that i've been hunting down for ages! Left behind an electric kiln and a gas kiln that i'm still trying to find a home for..
It's such a mass of heavy metal pieces but put together with great thoughtfulness I can't help but love this stuff and love that it gets to have another life at my place....and after some repair work all these pieces will go on working for cumbersome as they are they make me smile :)) now what colour shall i paint the pugmill??


  1. I think purple would be a great colour for your pugmill he he

  2. HA! anna would that be 'Perry the Purple pug mill' ???

  3. What a lovely find. Really nice that the old gentleman's workshop wonders will be used and appreciated. I think that you are going to have fun with those extruders!

    In the good old days.... when I was a youngish fellow working at a supermarket, one of my work mates had a "flames" type paint job done on his car, an extensively "bogged" rusty, and heavily modified Holden. It looked great and I can't help but think that you could make that pugmill look really spectacular with paint job that made it look like the business end of a rocket!

  4. nice one peter :)) i can paint my raku kiln and pug mill in tandem.. lil rocket 1 &2

  5. I would have been hyperventilating! What a find, I love old stuff that someone else has given a life to. Since I am watching a lot of graffiti documentaries right now my suggestion would be to put a bunch of graffiti art on it!

  6. ah yes trace some of that stencil art is amazing...i'll have to think on that one...

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  8. an award? cool... does it come with chocolate?? heheh and flames to go with the rocket theme hmmmmm