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Wednesday 27 July 2011

SALA preview...

A sampling of some of the work that will be out for SALA month in Adelaide....
yep this falls within my philosophy that 'you can never have too many SHINOS!!' Some of the shows I'll be at Golden Grove Sala show Golden Grove Arts Centre, '3 Seasons in One Day' Q Gallery At Woodside, St Ignatius Art Show and SALA on SALE.. hope to see you out and about it's a busy month and the catalogue is full of great shows! must get my calendar out :))

spectacular dunt action...

my fav...

and a big yey for zyg this is 'his' chun recipe that he posted a short while ago over my darkest celedon glaze

Monday 25 July 2011

she passes!!!

My baby kiln gets full marks for firing, reduction and all round nice shino producer....

So happy with this load of work considering there was quite a bit of pressure to produce a good kiln load for SALA month and she passes!! woohoo!

Settle in it's a good 10 minutes long.... of just about all shino glaze wares and yep teapots!

Saturday 23 July 2011

a smaller bung perhaps...

So post firing day headache again but it was a long day I started up the kiln at 8.30am and finished this morning at 12.30am.... I can see some mistakes a long the way where I assumed I would have no probs getting to temperature...oh how wrong can ya be?!!

I backed off the gas pressure when flames were gushing out of my bung at 800C...I can fairly assume now that there was not enough air in the kiln and any escape route was taken. So when ever I took out the bung flames gushed out!

I'll unload maybe later today or tomorrow if I can resist the sneak peek. Lessons learned don't back off the pressure on the gas line and 2 hours now means 2 hours added at the end of the firing :P
To be fair it was a very cold night and iced up tanks are hard to de-ice in very chilly conditions prob about 6C last night..

Anyhoo a new smaller bung I think is called for and check the aperture of the exit flue and prob the air intakes around the burners too.. I didn't think there would be that much change to the firing conditions of my modified kiln but there ya go always stuff to learn hey!!

Monday 11 July 2011

oh just workin it....

Tea Tree Studio's Tuesday class is on a two week break
after which we switch teams.. Kevin will be taking the drawing class  and I will taking a throwing class so come on down if your a beginner or intermediate at either we'll happily have a chat and a coffee..... on these chilly nights the core are still showing up ....yeh!!!!!


AND more from me this is part of my SALA work tiles for 3 Seasons in One Day and teapots for Golden Grove SALA and On Sale SALA too... just finished up there tonight in the studio and still trying to dry out the studio floor after the flood last week..... I had the Gas Kiln on again in hopes to dry out the atmosphere, it's getting better but still very damp out there tonight...
Anyhoo the curry is on and smelling rather good right now so catch ya soon with exhibition info for the month of SALA.....

oooh side note... a little doug fitch sprig on the front of this one :P

Wednesday 6 July 2011

slipetty doo dahh...

What started out as a head down get stuck into it moment in the studio ended up in a flash flood after a down pour tonight... Most of the slip work was done when I looked down and I was standing in a massive puddle.. which rapidly became a river running through my studio floor. Hmmm a slight issue with drainage coming from the neighbours property which tomorrow will take some trench digging and extra drainage no doubt..

Anyhoo enjoy the vid lots of tile deco and trying out of stencils, which are made from old xrays and if the slip is the right consistency work very well..

Tuesday 5 July 2011

studio sneak...

Well the Sala catalogue is out and it's crunch time. Over the next 3 weeks I need to get work together for 4 shows and luckily one firing is already under my belt and some very nice pieces came out of that kiln. So onward into the exhibition work, I did manage to get some studio time yesterday even though I had 8 white fingers a freezing start to the day.... Well things warmed up finally and by 4.30pm had a good start into the tiles underdeco... 3 different slips plus on bisque printing and some glaze additions of colour too will complete the layering..

my chalkboard side of the fridge is a great place to sketch out ideas..

Some of the teasets underway and teapots in production..

my new bung for the kiln door..

So back up to the studio for another stint today and hopefully prep my new silkscreens that I put together on saturday.. I have the photo emulsion and just need a dark box to keep them in while getting ready to expose the screens. I grabbed an outdoor halogen worklight last week and just need to test the exposures with the wattage of the light... fingers crossed!

Saturday 2 July 2011


hue test


So cool I had to share it... those of us who have done colour studies will score on this one..

It's fun give it a go!!!!