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Friday 28 December 2012

studio makeunder...

I have floor!!!
 wow I didn't think this would take 3 days, I have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned again.. I have totally reworked how the space happens..except for my throwing station I like that spot. Still tossing up a notion of sealing the floor as I sure a tonne of the dust is the concrete.

finished wares now are all up the top end, as are the market boxes and tables.
my old damp cbd that I'd stopped using but the mice hadn't! will now be bisque ware storage plus left over shino pots waiting to be fired.

oooh vermin...nothing like a few carcases and nothin like a bit of bleach!!

the shelves stayed!
 I've swung the bench around hoping to have better access to everything and for the odd workshop at least I can use both sides.

tool rack...
 I must say my new best friend is the cordless drill/screwdriver with pop out tools parts, just love it although my elbow has had enough today.. So i wouldn't make much of a trady!

main throwing station...

oh so organised...

labelled even...

oops still a mess...

wheels and prop crate..
 One of my bug bears is the prop dept. they end up all over the floor commit hari kari off any shelf they sit on, so castors on an old crate has fixed that!

the beast!

glazes sorted by cones
 All of my glazes are now together and i'll be able to see what to toss down the track and the main users are on the bottom shelf for ease of access..

shelvage remained..
Love these, i think we made this last year, the old ware boards up a ladder trick..

pies de resistance 
 and my old trolley got pulled apart and turned into a ware board rack, I dont use them a lot these days but sometimes when the clay is to soft they come in handy and especially for the larger works too.

half of my old shelf unit..
and finally refitting of my old shelvage unit it was going up high next to the other one but then I realised I couldn't reach anything!! After discovering it came in 2 parts, half has ended up here for some light things and the other half might end up outside near the pugging station..

Really who would have thought 3 days but it really took some time figuring it all out and I really haven't tossed that much but I'm sure it will come later.. or when there's room in the bin :P

Wednesday 26 December 2012

the cleanup has begun...

yes of course I'm talking about my studio, it's boxing day and a fine day too... John Butler is on spotify and I just had a handful of mini fruit mince pies, mums treat for Christmas Day, I think there may well be a sugar overload today..

made some great pots in my sleep last night and I can only hope to come close to making some of those next year :))

anyhoo the cleanup has begun... I was going to move the big shelving unit but maybe this will work out ok just moving the big table around then access to shelves is going to be better..
What is it about studios and that need for open space? Is it a thinking area?? Anyhoo I'm going with this configuration for a month and see how I like it, it's the easy option for now..

hopefully a trip to ickea will bring some new shelving and somewhere to put the bisque wares. I end up getting in a load of trouble with the way I work! there's usually 3 ideas going on at the same time and in between firings man does it get messy :P

the remaining bags of clay have a new home..

it should look a load better by end of day!!

It's been a sweet Christmas just hanging and chilling and hopefully the road trips peeps are taking this time of year will be safe ones, take care out there. Happy Boxing Day and Birthdays to my friends and family this season and if you make it around to my place fast there's an awesome trifle in the fridge and some super home made truffles!

Tuesday 18 December 2012

get out and buy local hand made...

well Merry Christmas everyone!!! 
hope you are all suitably sold out of gifts and for those last minute shopper get out and buy local hand made this christmas!!

Stirling Market was our best ever December and thanks to all the lovely peeps who came out and bought gifts for yourself and others this year from us..

We're back next year so see you in January with lots of new lovely stuff!!!

The lil grey roo on Roses lap is a rescue Joey most of them get brought in by truckers and get hand nursed until they can be released, in the other bag was a little red roo but he was snuggled up and didn't come out for a peek...

we do get all kinds of visitors on sundays but this wee guy was a nice surprise :))

I'm off doing last minute deliveries today, a quick stop in to Milan Rouge, then Tuesday class break up drinks at the pub tonight..

anyhoo have a lovely holiday season whatever you are up to, I'll be hanging out with family no big trips this year. and some nice time to sort out the studio again and on my wish list some new shelves... cheers all

Friday 14 December 2012

popped a cone in...

This week was looking like it could be great or there could be more disappointments.. So how nice it it when everything comes out great!
2/2 glaze firings and only a couple of issues that are quite funny!

I do love this amber, fired to C5 and a refire for some other large mugs that didn't reach temp at the club kiln, grr a total waste of 50% of the firing.. well that was a lesson on using the cones again as some of the elements obviously aren't drawing  full power, anyhoo lesson learned, popped a cone in and vwala!!

 the body of the mug looked to me like there was some other clay in it so i sanded and slipped on some TMK porcelainous stoneware and it came up a treat, some lovely movement with the glaze, HAPPY JAN!!

woah oh oh shino!!!

this one I've named 'porridge and tea', note to self check the wads are settled :P
I wadded every pot in this kiln and great results with nothing sticking to the shelves.

Casserole commission above is for 'Milan Rouge' survived and all good no warps, no dings, no scratches! The only thing I'm concerned about is the colour, it absorbed a lot of carbon, well I'll only find out when the customer sees it.. and a refill for this kiln, well thats going to take me a while. I made loads of smaller bowls intentionally for this firing and thought I had over estimated, you know when you're on a roll throwing and the day just keeps going. I had several sessions like this and really didn't consider how the stack would go, well I got every piece bar 1 large pot in plus brought a couple of pieces out of the damp cupboard where they can store for months waiting to be fired.. I seriously had room for some cups but ran out of things to put in, love that!
 and also tested some of my C6 glazes just to see what would happen! I like em!

Next week i'll get the camera gear out and take some details of work left over after this wkd, the Artisans at Greenock is on tonight at the Barossa about an hours drive from here and it's raining right now, the humidity is a nightmare today but hopefully will clear up later :)) and Sunday is Stirling Market the last one for the year, so here's hoping for a nice day..
Anyhoo what a nice way to wrap up the week, its been just enough testing to give me something to go on next firing and really hanging for the next time I can get in the studio and make. 
Have a great wkd all..

my mugs for conjoined twins

Tuesday 11 December 2012

fully loaded...

So that's another kiln fully loaded and will be the third glaze firing for this week.. I had another intermittent week in the studio in between nursing the fluffy mud monster post his surgery, it was a very disconcerting week and after having 7 bad teeth out, he's responded well and really is doing well for a 17yr old!! Anyhoo back to the pots, every piece is wadded and the casserole twice wadded underneath..  

my plan is to fire tomorrow, its going to be a warm day so I'm hoping for a cool change late in the day.. this kiln is loaded with shinos, both orders and market wares..

the tiles came out well and the ash ones are looking interesting too all ready to be painted..the earlier tests in the background are my recycled body which holds up well and keeps a nice flat tile shape..

thinking about what i might do with some glass..

and a quiet moment after the first rush at 'the wheaty' in thebarton,
it really is quite the phenomenon peeps love to come in and meet the makers and get their christmas shopping done, it was quite the fun day I came home with more pots than I ever have... a great swap with Elodie and some lovely purchases from Ali and Erin.. We gather at eleven am for a very quick setup and a 12 oclock open we even get a 5 min countdown :P and then the peeps rush in heading straights to their favs and as it's only my second year, I watch and then it all settles after 30mins and then theres a steady stream of Christmas present hunters. I really enjoy this annual event catch up as we really are all spread out across town.

I really must get on to the gas guys, I think I have one very low tank of gas but it will be great to start on tomorrow!
And Friday night is Artisans at Greenoch Market  5.30 -8.30pm with Stirling Market on Sunday
10am - 4pm followed by of course a trip to the pub!

some glassies! and Jane in the background

Charmaine's table

my tables on the right and Ali is on the left

Tuesday 4 December 2012

cooking up some new tiles...

I had a sudden burst of energy to get some new tiles going and have some notions of how they may turn out just need to get some tech advice before I head on with that train of thought!

the big square tiles are my recycled body of all sorts that get pressed into a former, the cracks and crevices are desireable and look rather stoneline if fired high enough..

and the porcelain tiles are additions on top of the base tiles with a decorative motif..

this shino firing is being held for after the next bisque for the casserole dish for Milan Rouge and some mugs on order... for Stirling Market
waiting so slowly for this guy to dry out before firing!!

then theres a few more orders from my open studio, I had a day last week of just cranking out these orders and of course every piece is a different type of firing...I think I just create this chaos to keep myself busy sometimes!

It is organised chaos though everything is in its place :P Hope to see you at the Wheaty Sale on Saturday!! 12-3pm