Thursday, 3 February 2011



Milk has opened in the exhibition space at the urban cow, some really cool illustrations on mdf wood and an experimental look into ceramics slipcast milk bottle milk cartons and beakers...the illustrations are strong and we'd love to see them on the clay too...Anna and I had a quick chat with Fruzsi last night who's one chicky show is on til 27th Feb her illustrations are really cool and the invite image is what grabbed me to go see the show... Fruzsi Kenez Milk at the Urban Cow Studio

We of course did the o·blig·a·to·ry schmooze in the ceramics space just to check out whats new and who's up to what...lovely stuff!!


  1. I don't do Facebook so I googled fruzdi, interesting write ups of the show, no one photographed the ceramics, I would love to see what she does, I agree her images could be great on some clay work. I like her illustrations a lot.

  2. hey trace you can see some of the bowls on the plinth in image 3 they're in a nest theme with some wood and brush, the others were slip forms of milk bottles and plastic cartons the strengths really were in the illustrations..

  3. Wow, thank you for writing about the show! It was such a lovely surprise to find this post. The feedback about illustrating on clay is duly noted. Thank you :)