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Wednesday 9 December 2015

how is it december already...

The steady flutter of activity in my studio has created a constant kiln firing cycle over the last little while and even time for a photo shoot last week. Lil birdie has now been prepped, polished and delivered around town. The next cycle will be spread a bit wider to the other stockists in town. The flat series will be a limited range in this design and as 'a prototype', no doubt some elements will stay for the next making cycle and others will just fall to the back shelves of my mind no doubt…

The Wheaty Ceramic and Glass sale was a melt out with 40degC in the stage area out back but the staff kept ice buckets flowing which was fabulous and the Tassie cider went down a treat after a long hot sale!

Next I'm heading back to the studio today to setup my new sale space, bring all the work back in and move everything around no doubt!  Anyhoo must dash, see you on instagram ;)