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Thursday 26 July 2012

july pt2

Surprising? yes .. I have made post number 2 for July and only because of a self imposed sick day off yet again.. but so happy to have time out to shoot these pots today and a big thankyou to my bud Derek for the loan of his 50mm lens, what a treat!!

another treat some leopard spotted shino I've only seen this a few times in my kiln...

onto some testing with my dk celedon under peters NZ chun..

chun over nuka

nuka, chun, dk celedon, chun layering

some ash flying around in the kiln settled here

a couple of filler mugs 2 shino and slip deco

 funery urn for a friend

and test #1 of the tagines, the wadding went over the glaze in a couple of places so i'll have to watch that next firing... just a tad of grinding to do now :P  this one holds 1.5 ltrs so the larger based tagine #2 is going to be about the right size...

 and oops rescued a bowl with finger wipes after it slipped out of my hands during glazing

more shino bowls.... I am finding it hard to part with some of these but they must go into SALA I need to sell some pots, can't keep them all for myself now can I????

Monday 16 July 2012

july pt1

I may be getting slightly ahead of myself........ or for that matter optimistic of the fact that I may get to post again before the month is out!!

but here tis part 1, so many things on the go and just about nothing is drying...I have another large pot drying at the club incredibly slowly and waiting for a single fire with some ash glaze..

Others I started but haven't been able to finish so they ended up in the scrap recycling heap and look like this right about now..

On the commission front I'm working on ceramic jewellery, some mugs and the tagines also drying v slowly..

I consider this post more of a photo essay of process... as there's a lot going wrong and a lot having to be recycled and I prefer to let the images be proof of journaling right now.

oooh and ran out of red clay on saturday but more coming soon so I can get back to filling the gas kiln again, the last pieces were recieved well and the marbling has gone down a hoot! which is always lovely, so back to heaps more throwing and slipping for me... SALA is up next month so by the end of this one I need to select some works for exhibitions and squeeze in a gas firing for some more shinos...woohoo

all in can't wait for part 2, there should be some things finished :))