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Wednesday 31 December 2008



1. indeed, when fitting flue do not stand precariously on chair...
2. do not remove exit flue and expect it to go back in one piece....

any ideas??   i need to rebuild the box an am thinking of using some old cracked kiln shelves cut to fit the same area..
 the old one was fibre board it's all pretty brittle now and the top is fairly bowed i'm thinking of replacing that with the same it will be easy to cut a circle out for the flue to sit on..

Tuesday 30 December 2008

secret santa strikes again!!

wow again, i just got home from the club and another mysterious brown parcel awaits....what a treat paul jessop secret santa'd the upside down land, well and me! woohoo..... truly lovely paul thankyou very much, such super throwing you boys all have i now have 5 red clay pots in my kitchen/dine/living room i say that because it's an all in one room really. blessed today with a yummy jug very decent size too and a wee egg cup with the most delicate deco you really did spoil me, but thanks mucho....its sooo nice to hold the very work i love to see online in my own hands, nothing like it....

ready to get cookin

and 'super kevin' returns with his trusty 'sidekick leigh' today, the kiln is moved into it's new home it's sooo nice getting the studio space to work for me, it is a continuing challenge as things start to fill up what used to be a massive space.. anywho the whirly is in place as is the ventilation flue... the flue and it's exit from the kiln will be a rebuild more on that one later..

the terrible cutting inside the whirly is my excuse for making things fit obviously i'm not a tradie but it did it's job for 6yrs or so..

there's some new shelves going into the framework a bit later on to help organise my space and hopefully allow for loading space for pots too we'll see how that works out on the day..and now i'm back off to the club the table calls.

Monday 29 December 2008

and a new floor, yey...


      and a new floor, yey.... kevin came over today to help me pave the floor in the kiln area, i had lots of pavers to recycle hence the choice over concrete plus the $$ saving. the edges get finished tomorrow and we move the kiln over plus the flue and whirly go in the roof. the studio really feels complete already it will be so nice to be organised and ready to get gas firing again..

fishy has landed

and finally fishy has landed, marvelous what holidays can do time to get all sorts of things done without having to dash off half way through a job..
fishy has been waiting a fair time to get the edging tiles done so i dashed off to club yesterday to use slabby roller, the edge tiles will be cobalt to give a strong edge to the piece and they should be ready this week, yey....

and what a lovely surprise ross has done the concrete slab for the gas cage it had to be moved as it was too close to a door opening and then we're ready to get on with the plumbing for the gas kiln, double yey...thanks rossco..

Tuesday 23 December 2008

guess who's on deck today??

wow lookie lookie lookie......all my christmases have come at once this week..
pete found his way across many oceans and found a new home on deck, thanks ron what a surprise!
i've come over all wallace and grommit fingers wiggling..... that's just lovely, so we all went on deck for some sun....what a sight! thats mine in the middle soon to be heading off o/s also....the thing i like most about wrong way pete,....he came with his own medal....

crowd a gogo

hi all, a bit late this week with my market catchup, sunday was a lovely day about 28deg C occaisionally muggy but nice...well what a crowd they were up early and we only had a lul after lunch.. peeps were checking out work while still in the boxes unpacking for the day, really great for a years windup, there continues to be great homemade wares of al kinds and good news we were accepted for next years 'permanent' spot too... below are some shots of roses new work dragonfly teasets, and my last 'new' teaset went to a good home also. we had a lovely warm down at roses after here's some shots of her candle holders out under the new verandah afternoon spot a nice place to enjoy the view..

and yet more dancing.....

jess gave me a disc will a whole different perspective on the night so i thought a little montage was in order, so here ya go backed by norah jones & dolly parton and her very handsome band plus a few extras .. i do love a bit of sound effect...enjoy..,. the group shot is of the wednesday crowd i lunch with most weeks, we did take the award for best dressed which linda went all out for and thanks karen for the boots! what a wardrobe you have..

Monday 22 December 2008

doug's on deck

well lookie, lookie here what's this a package from a far away land..... I thought a little yippee was in order..............yippee...... what fun this exchanging work is, you may remember a little entry on doug's blog a little colouring in suggestion for 'the love daddies' .....well here's a reminder
onya doug, what a lovely gift... they come in handy trying out the coffee machine v. soon, well as soon as i figure out how to use it!!

Thursday 11 December 2008

Alice & dippy

I'm still catching up on journal drawings this is the remainder of the alice in wonderland drawing for tiles
i'll find some suitable text for the shrubbery.. a card trick or two, and finally the knaves knees...

I have one more sale sunday prior to christmas at stirling in the adelaide hills sunday 21st december, drop by if your in town straight up the freeway in druids avenue, main street of stirling 10am - 4pm.

some 'new' old work a slip cast mold I made at college makes for great little dippy bowls..... all sold at my open studio last saturday... so back the studio for me, lots of making to do and play time in January my yearly ritual it usually introduces a load of new work for the year to come.

and my fav. lunch view today a little muggy outside and it's just stopped raining, lovely we need some of that... ciao for now...and happy potting all...

Saturday 6 December 2008

open studio and week catchup

what a brilliant day!....I had lots of visitors today, met neighbours, and drop ins from the street sign... A BIG THANKYOU to family and friends who came by today and those who took home my new work enjoy!!

It was an all weather day today, wet & dry but finished lovely...I still have packing up to do but dinner was calling yummo curry, off to pack up in a mo...

what a mixed week! fired a few kilns, some major disasters and also happy glaze firings......

new style work in satin black megga blue crackle disaster.....
raw glaze progress, yey, came up a charm, thanks allan....lovely finish

colour tiles test for tables looking good......
other tile works and animal bowls........


Monday 1 December 2008

open studio sale this saturday

hi all, I'm having my open studio this saturday 6th december 9.30am - 5.30pm, if you're nearby please drop in - send me an email and i'll let you know the address. or call my mobi 0412 848 878 for more details. This year it will be around the back under the verandah, nicely covered in case of rain or extreme sun!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

straight from caesars

western and country contd..

what a class act the martin's are....we were treated to 4 tunes done in 3 chords, anyone for ukulele lessons??...

and what we think should be the next marketing tool by mc donalds,..... a new 'fresh' ad.....

western and country night - our annual club dinner bash

we just can't resist turning things on their head here, so we had our annual club dinner bash- western & country theme night this wkd. It was an absolute hoot literally we had a hoe down......leaving that!

the barbie cooking was spectacular if i do say so myself, all cooked under our three legged gazebo.... we had indians, a mexican, 2 sheriffs, one undertaker, one bar girl, lots o' cow folk, no cows though....8 square dancers, one caller, one one man band....and 2 dogs.......?

Monday 17 November 2008

off with your head - it's my tea party

my journal has taken over and i can't possibly keep's some more tile ideas playing with some early illustrations from alice in wonderland, i'm thinking about some colour wash under pencil work or pen if the lines are too soft..

and had friday afternoon to play with again, bonus, so did some serious throwing in my studio, planning for when my gas kiln gets reconnected, i made some desert bowls serving bowls and a bunch of mugs which take serious concentrating when putting on handles coz it's not my strong point! and i must be out of practice cut through the bottoms of 4 pieces going way to thin on the bases..

anywho happy with that little effort..and some tiles got the workup with ceramics pencils also tests...

cheers all have a great week, it's our  annual club dinner sat evening and there will be plenty of shots to put up we're going western or country any take you like on the theme, so it should be fun...