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Monday 31 March 2008

doors on

So the fibre door is well on its way, I'll be taking down my boxes of 'spare stuff' tuesday night to complete the door and line the inside. All of the damaged fibre will clad the out side too, Joe Finch sent me some pics of a soda kiln he was working on and he used fibre outside too, a novel notion to me so we'll use it as extra insulation.

Sunday 30 March 2008

we raised the roof

She's finally on, yes big momma has a roof. That went on tuesday night, sorry pinched kevin from his class time to be the brick man. We worked on the fibre door today but we need more new zircon layer for the inside it really took a beating being transported and sitting outside for 4 years with all sorts of creapy crawly's inside. The flue & burners should be on this week and then get the gas hooked up. Looking forward to it!

I also have a couple of kilns firing today, be good to see the orders ready to go.

Monday 24 March 2008

big momma kiln & studio shots

Well long day but here's some images from today. I finished decorating mums dinner wares and finished the french prov. work. Judy dropped in later so I grabbed some shots of her working on the sculpture.

easter sunday

Well, the large blue crackle platters are all gone now, between me breaking one and selling the others, looks like i'll have to get stuck in to platter making again. Stirling Market was a great day again, the weather was great and the crowd arrived about 10.30am a little late for stirlingers i thought we were going to have a quiet day.....not!
The heat wave is finally over, yey! I'm off to finish glazing the last order today of the french prov. range, the kiln roof should be on tomorrow night, also yey! pics to follow later...

I think it's also time to show some table designs I've been working on, they're painted on brown paper with the design to be transferred to clay then cut into individual tiled shapes. The tables are 2M x .8M that visually flow horizontally left to right, the concept is based on an abstract expression of tuscan landscapes as requested by the client for his home entertainment area.

I was looking at images on the net and in the back of my head were Cezannes landscapes and the premise that landscapes forms can all be defined by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone.
Multiple designs have become overlapped introducing a contrast of visual ideas to add more interest and form to my original concept.

Saturday 8 March 2008

It's too darn hot!!

Well progress is a bit slow on ol gas kilun, I did some brick work on wednesday afternoon with thanks from the weight lifting girls who lifted the frame for me to fix our slight lean, big ta also to kevin for bringing the packers to fix afore mentioned leanage...........

Other than's too darn hot!! and looking like a steamer of a week ahead 37's deg C and 38's so much for summer being over......