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Wednesday 9 October 2013

another day, another studio mo...

Yes it has been a wee while since i've posted a video and really don't expect too much it's just a mad moment in the studio!

I started trimming a couple of pots from mondays photo shoot session in the studio w mr D from which I will hopefully have a few pics soon... todays effort was mostly disastrous but the jug survived and maybe it will still be there in the morning if I didn't get it too wet!! HA!!

Anyhoo I've been madly making here for markets etc and just trying to get stocked up and get some work out to shops, gallery's etc... I keep promising but keep getting behind in production and then I try again!

Awww distraction moment Vincent is on DR WHO on tellie....

Right then... I have some wee slump impressed bowls that i'm working on at the mo and have made some firing rings in hope that they don't fire flat :P

and so many square plates in the kiln and loads of colour combos with loose brush work and stamping and finally using some stamps from birdies to numbers that all come out back to front because I thought they were stamps but they're actually bingo numbers....heheheh my bad!

Last Sunday our final printmaking day was great and to have completed the 7 weeks was a great benchmark but I wonder where to now?  Find another program, keep carving away by myself or find somewhere to continue this practise.

The exhibition of our chosen works will be up during the 'fringe' next year at the council library with framed and signed prints... sundays session was all very serious but lovely to be focussed on professional practise. I have enjoyed immensely the company and the process, totally amazed at the outcome. I know, I shouldn't be...  there was quite the mix of artists and peeps who haven't done any art since high school. And yes I think the gallery 1855 program is really hitting the right marks! yey!!!

On another note the 'mighty mud' my monster cat who definitely has '9 lives' even confirmed by the vet this week, is on the mend... he had a 'dodgy claw' that blew up and after a vets visit and another jab of antibiotics he's bounced back again! the claw fell off...gross man!! and is now growing a new one... I did take the bit that fell off to the vets, bagged it and stuck it in the fridge just in case they were curious... It turned out to be a weird growth and fell off!! another yey!!

my second carving test in clay w copper brushwork
new carving tools

a practise print run

signing our works

Robbys final print run

Niki getting some pics on!
setting up the press
Margaret Sanders our Tutor very tall and very cool!
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