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Wednesday 27 June 2018

The Studio...

So far the moving, moving and more moving of my studio art and equipment has been a smooth but long process. We're currently looking into damp damage from the flood a couple of years ago, I am hopeful but not certain that there will be a good bill of health for what lies beneath the surface or the exterior garage wall. After some insulating the space is going to be super functional as a studio/display space. And you never know there could be a spring sale to kick start the new venture!

So a few pics along the way...

The beginning of the new studio
Barely moving in here!
Pot smashing!!

The old Fridge is out, complete with big fruit Rat
Just some of the timber for the pit
And then there's this years social event... 'Big Clay Day 18' which in fact was 'The Big Pit Fire' this years mini event keeping the fires burning literally on this major event with a very successful day. The fire looked fabulous and kept us all warm after a very chilly 0 deg C start to the day!! We kept this one small being on a friends property but hopefully next time we can do something larger again. Lots of 'irons in the fire' at the mo with some new locations scouted and thoughts of something akin to the early years of The Big Clay Day are afoot!

 Nearing end of the day after the troops had gone home, Kev and I waited for the coals to cook down then we narrowed the fire into the central pit and covered with tin for the slow burn throughout this week. Come this weekend we're back again to open up the ashes and reveal some toasty pots we hope...

End of the day with clear skies and a toasty pit

Monday 22 January 2018

new beginnings...

Another dash around the sun and here we are starting a new year again! We dashed up the the other sunny state before Christmas for a family catchup, fab beach time early in the mornings along a famous stretch of white sand. All the renovations were complete at the surf club and foreshore and it looks and feels so much nicer....all of the rocks were back in place and beach walks were so accessible this time around. A slight blunder occurred in booking accomodation but all good and only a short walk away from the rest of the family's stay....note to self 'check the name of the stay before clicking buy!' hahah... all good, it was very well priced and only for brekky and sleeping anyway :D
Broadbeach QLD
So into a new year and classes have started in the studio. It's so good to see peeps learning and having a play after all its only mud :D but achieving a pot in one hour is pretty impressive! In between I'm juggling keeping up with my throwing time and working towards another gas kiln load full of mugs and ash test, can't wait to see my new glaze on some functional forms.

Sala is always on my mind at the top of a new year, 'The Tale of Little Fat Bird' is bound to continue!
Making larger forms has not been without it's challenges, I lost probably 4 pieces last year due to some separation anxiety with the largest pieces in particular. But onward and some slight modifications to timing and slip and all will be good! 

On another note I'm heading to Clay Gulgong, in NSW and working on some show pieces, hope this all comes together, it's quite the challenge bringing a lot of logistics together but plan I will and also considering Tassie for next year!

Anyhoo here's some pics (check the captions), hope you're all well and making plans for the year ahead! Happy Days! cheers all...

weekend classes in studio, ang walford ceramics 

Greg Daly, Gulgong claypush

Gulgong claypush

Gulgong claypush

The Tale of Litttle Fat Bird

New ash glazes
weekend classes in studio, ang walford ceramics

weekend classes in studio, ang walford ceramics
some of us :D
weekend classes in studio, ang walford ceramics
#raku, ang walford ceramics
shino mug
Jeff Mincham, Gulgong claypush
tea for one, herbal tea set