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Sunday 26 April 2009

opening sunday 'exoteric'

howdy all, more pics from todays opening.. lots of peeps and opened by CEO of adelaide city council so that was interesting I think russell starke the gallery owner likes to mix it up a bit..

this is just our space the gallery has about 4 other rooms plus extra spaces hallways and all that..

the images and profiles of everyone in this show and their work should be up on the gallery site this week...

we had a pizza lunch and got followed up o'connell st by a pigeon petty funny actually he was walking by my side, i thought surely he'd stop at some point but no, he was with us for a while... walking the pigeon new pastime!! wish i'd thought to snap him!!

Friday 24 April 2009

friday preview night

it was a great start to the exoteric show at greenhill galleries just about all of the gang were there and quite a turn out too, good sales across the room for a very wet and cool evening... 

more on sunday with the official opening 11.30am, drop on by if you're in town..seeya then, cheers ang..

Thursday 23 April 2009

it looks like rain...

check this out.....the wet stuff.....looking like a very wet next few days, the gardens going to love this and the rain water tanks get a refill...
...enjoy everyone

Thursday 16 April 2009

'recollections of a tea party in wonderland'

just a few tiles from my exhibition work for the clay collective show entitled 'exoteric'

'the knaves knees in blue'

'recollections of a tea party in wonderland' is a body of work that
has sprung from my memories of the well known story 'alice in
wonderland' , for children there are always favorite parts of a story
that are read over and over add infinitum until you can tell the tale
with your own embellishes. my memories are tainted by the black and
white illustrations in our copy of the book that we so freely treated
to some colourful pencil work of which i still have the evidence today.

the deep sided tiles are an exploration in texture and layering,
creating pieces that appear old and worn and yet solid, akin to my
memories the illustrated tiles represent macro sections of the black
and white illustrations with the humour and oddness formed in my
imagination of that weird and wonderful tale 'alice in wonderland'.

There are 12 tiles in all.
the knaves knees, the knaves knees in blue, queenie off with your head and mad hatter curioser and curioser.

if you wish to see the whole collection search for Exoteric on facebook..
the whole show is online for viewing also at the greenhill galleries site in adelaide.

The Clay Collective opening is on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 11:30am Greenhill Galleries 140 Barton Tce West North Adelaide SA

'the knaves knees'
dedicated to uncle peter..

'queenie- off with your head'

'mad hatter- curioser and curioser'

Monday 13 April 2009

danger will robinson...

the culprit

the lemon tree

a bug!!

Can i say just a little warning to all those avid gardeners out there...DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

When one is pruning particularly feral trees with lots of debris and fine particles falling from them that it would be advisable to wear goggles....otherwise one could end up in rather a bit of pain and unable to see clearly along with a stretch of say 2 hours at the surgery on a saturday waiting to find what the culprit is in ones eye!!!! and compliments of said item, a tiny scratch on ones eyeball....

After all that venting i must say the eye much better today and most of the swelling is gone along with most of the irritation and the doc said within 24hrs the scratch should heal...'oh good' i said with such relief..

Just to add a little more interest to the story doc says ...'you look familiar', I say 'did i draw your house? or photos perhaps?'...'Oh' he says, 'do you work for so and so?' ...'yes I do'.. 'Oh that must  be it!' he says...'sorry' I say 'don't remember peeps much but I would remember your house!'  a little chuckle later and he draws a picture of my eye...'you've been practicing'... i say, he laughs 'oh great, I get to scratch out a picture for someone who draws for a living'...hehehhe we both chuckle ... I think it was the relief of the pain to be gone and quite possibly the fun of looking through orange coloured dye he'd place in my eye....

so there you have it, just a little gardening can turn into such a drama of a day, and that was my saturday......oh and next time ang wear goggles!

oh yey!!

Oh yey!! the decal paper didn't stick to the lazer printer look out decals galore i'm thinking,...
Oh that means get throwing some more bowls and cups me thinks...

I'm sooo pleased, can you tell?

So now the temp test, the ones i made at college I fired to 600C I think must check out my journal I do remember writing a firing chart, rate of climb etc..

Saturday 11 April 2009

the clay collective - exoteric

The 1st show for the year with the clay collective opens sunday 26th April