Tuesday, 15 February 2011

the contortionist wore red...

The Contortionist Wore Red was a College photography project combined with a graphics project for a book cover....I do remember dreading the next brief it always took so long to get ya head around the next challenge and then you had to pull it off convincingly!! Communicating with the lecturers was always a challenge they could be so....hmmmm how shall i put it snotty? cruel? intimidating!!!! This idea came easy.. I hate that coz then i resent working so hard the next time....hmmmm My photography lecturer provided the smoke bless him...he and his lungs weren't long for this world. He had this terrible rumbling cough that never cleared i always thought he'd hack his lungs up one day....urgh

anyhoo My Styling Tip #2
get a challenge grab it with both hands and get stuck in..
learn to use all the tools you have at hand... be it a camera, a video, a mobile phone, some new software
'a new kiln'....I can only hope :P
but grab em with both hands and work it baby, work it....


  1. I know what you mean about those projects. I used to dread presenting my finals, we had to present to the class and the professor,I was scared to death to get up and talk in front of people. I would throw up every time I had a presentation. And then the teacher was like you said, very cruel and intimidating. Prepared me for the world though. Great photo and great tip!!

  2. I think they went to cruel school trace :P but very true it makes you stand up for yourself...

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  4. I like the part about immersing yourself in process. That's what it's all about, isn't it? How many hats do we wear as potters?(clayworker, electrician, plumber, merchant, carpenter, mechanic, accountant(lie), mason, street hustler, night club manager......etc.) Definitely, more than there is hooks to hang them on.

  5. you're not wrong nick... we be slaves to the cause :))