Friday, 4 February 2011

the writing is on the table...

Note taking not in my journal is prob not a good idea really but who's gonna stop me writing on my table eh!!??
This is for a couple of knob n alls, one chopstick high by 1/2 chopstick wide excellent measurements i just forgot to allow for the trimming of the join of the lid to pot....oooops... just under 51bs

zoom in for some MK inspirational pics on the fridge of lidded forms mmmm lovely stuff...

I'm just in from the club space... we had a photo shoot out there at  lunch time to add some visuals to a strategic planning document for our city, mostly of us pretending to work HA! and for some reason the photographer didn't want me drinking tea i told him "it's what we do mostly here!!".... 
some funny pics should appear on Annas blog i hope... a highlight for the day belindas terracotta sculpture of a circle of friends "The Village People" style....sorry no pics they'd have to be bleeped out ;)

 It was stinking hot out there today it's very humid and we have evap air in the space so just a case of cranking up the airflow and getting very schvetty!!! anyhoo work glazed and 2 kilns loaded and firing tomorrow when it should be much cooler...yey 

 A few warm up pots from this week... and trying new things with plates i really like breaking the rim with lifts and squishes... it happened by accident one day when i was cutting through with my wire and i've been trying to get that same style mark ever since... more throwing tonight as the weather cools down and i've been breaking out a porcelainous stoneware body so easy to work with and note to self to get more in my next clay order, it's these pieces are all loaded in the kiln and catch you at the club if your so inspired tomorrow...


  1. I am trying to keep a ruler next to me when I am working, but then somehow it disappears. I have a dry erase board in the kitchen, maybe I need one at my work table, sometimes i write something down in slip on the board I work on, then I clean the board and oh no it's gone.

  2. Loving these pots ! I'm a big chalkboard user for jotting down notes.

  3. hi ang, glad someone's getting some work done. what'd they mean they didn't want a picture drinking tea. leave it to the photographers to take the spontaneity entirely out of the picture.

  4. hey linda i have a glow in the dark tape measure but i can never find it either :P yes i must transfer those notes to the fridge! it doesn't move!!

    hi rae, cheers ah yes i have markers in the studio but i never use them pfft.. maybe i should paint a spot with chalkboard paint then i'd use it....

    howdy jim i dunno i think we pushed him with the sculpture already ;) i'll send you a pic....something to do with it being a serious document.... even made me throw for them, we took out finished work for shots but they had other ideas...

  5. Ang, i do that all the time too! i never seem to have paper or notebook handy and my hands are usually covered in clay anyway. My bookshelves, walls and tables are covered in scrawls and notes.

  6. hi mel...oh good its just not great note taking really is it ??? I like the chalkboard idea of Rae's and plan to paint the side of my fridge for future notes..