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Tuesday 28 July 2009

sneaky...2D or not 2D

OOh sneaky peak time, just a taster of the tile / mini sculptures that will be heading into the urban cow next week for the 2D or not 2D show with the clay collective hope you can make it the opening is wed night 6.30pm..there's 10 tiles to 'the surface within' series and 4 tiles in 'the owl and the pussycat - adventures at sea series'..

Sunday 26 July 2009


what can i say beautiful day.....but cold...

lot's of hands in pockets but cheery all the same, we always enjoy a good chat with peeps at stirling and have great neighbours we all watch out for each others stall for those necessary breaks, plus a little lunch or coffee break although today the lines were espec. long and roses morning cuppa was way into the aftrenoon... the temp rose and fell several times today and even though sport seems to have taken the crowd this afternoon there were plentty of folks around, all in a good day , cheers all happy making next week..

Saturday 25 July 2009

the owl and the pussycat..

And here they are...not in their original tale but the owl and the pussycat what a team!
This is cobalt and manganese deco with a little underglaze addition.. they'll be glaze fire next week also, the clay collective sala show opens wednesday 5th August at the Urban Cow Studio 11 Frome Street Adelaide..

I also have some little tile sculpture work out at a little place called 'Terrace' 51 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood...
it's a very cool place they do sala every year so it will be good to see my work in a different setting..

nearly there...

The tiles are just about all decorated, just ran out of daylight today.. One last major section of lime to go then into the kiln.. 2 weeks till holiday time can i get them all through bisque and glaze?? I'll be recruiting extra hands next week for the waxing and glazing of the entire table of work....any takers??

I also fired the Kiln today it's loaded with a batch of mini sculptural works using extremely experimental glazing techniques for the next for sala show.. It's been lots of fun testing so here goes they could be perfect or a lot of glaze could end up jumping off the work.. will know soon...

Friday 17 July 2009

breakie with the piranhas...

ahh gotta love these guys, my fav from ron's previous range of fun characters..they make an excellent cuppa, cheers ron..

well since i forgot to set the kiln yesterday bisque firing will be tomorrow now...which is fine the week has got away again...

the tea tree studio quiz night sat night has been moved to the Golden Grove District Netball club on Atlantis drive, call me if you get lost it's behind Maccas on the hill off the Grove way..

It's reportedly a very nice venue heating and all...yey! see ya at 7pm.. lots of prizes we've all been busy and John and Belinda are hosting this year... bring ya ticket for the door prize one of my 'mad hatters tea party' plates...

Saturday 11 July 2009

the surface within..

Another busy wkd...i spent some deco time today working on the exhibition pieces for the CC sala show at the urban cow in adelaide..again working with cobalt and manganese washes for the owl and the pussycat and some of the textured tiles will have the black oxide wash work, ready now for bisquing and the glazes will do the rest of the surface work, combining the manganese extreme with some black glazes over and under layering.. the sketches from my journal give a guide to the glaze app.. i'm looking forward to the glaze firing as the tests were just great.... and a touch of colour perhaps to add some surface tension to the piece...hope you like..

colours of tuscan

saturday workshop day and busy again todays blue areas and red of the far end of the table.. layering the colours and working the wash to create depth and contrast within each section of the table, each area is defined by shaped tiles and colour defines the decoration of that area..

I've recut some more pieces to fit the design better and also make more section within large expanses..

It's coming together well and with the drying of the later tiles the deco can be completed.. the tile dryness needs to be consistent to get an even colour application..the tiles at this point are quite white but still contain moisture,..they then flipped again to complete the drying process pre bisque firing..

Friday 3 July 2009

ready to roll...

The table tiles this week all set out and looking like things are coming together nicely.. with the final colours all approved it's painting and working the colours to the form time and firing too... it won't be long now..