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Tuesday 15 November 2022

Let's talk about the weather...

Studio days have returned again and I'm hoping to get some balance back over here. Meanwhile let's talk about the weather we're having! Yet another flood was diverted back of my studio last weekend...unbelievable amount of water pouring out of the gutters and the sump couldn't work either. The stormwater drains were backed up and overflowing and street became a river! Paddle board anyone?
Anyhoo crisis averted, rain stopped and neighbour got out a very long shovel to unblock the road drains💪 👷‍♂️ 

So back to the springtime studio, some teapots I'd been working on before my holiday got finished. Plates were the warmup wheelthrowing round, followed by some baking dishes and mini dip 🥣 bowls.

The munchkins came up for a clayday making Christmas 🎄 ornaments. So much fun, my apprentice knows what she wants to make these days and little sis won't be far behind. Bisque kiln is loaded to the hilt and so is my 📅 calendar. Must get it happening soon 😄 🤣. 

Catch you next time. Images attached of baking dishes, teapots and a short clip of wheel throwing if it will load up....
Cheers all 🥸😎

Plate making vid