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Tuesday 24 March 2015

the blobs have left the building...

'At its core, 'Built impermanence' offers an uncomplicated message, one, which invites the viewer to observe and share in the peaceful and yet salient thoughts contained in this space. 

This installation piece had a very simple message, we are caretakers of the space we live in and this city is surrounded by bushland, which in itself will outlive us, even as it re-juvinates after fire we sit in wonder.

My pieces are reminiscent of the gum tree trunks - Eucalypts, which in the rain flash amazing shapes and tones.

I had the great pleasure of working with friends Anna Couper and Bec Cooke on this one plus photos by David Baker, space provided by Gallery 1855, thanks to fella Darren Williams photography for these post images.

Take down was Saturday the blobs have now left the building, which currently is home to Gallery 1855 3 Haines Rd Tea Tree Gully South Australia, until the trees take over again...