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Tuesday 24 September 2013

carving away...

Gallery saturdays have been so much fun, learning a new skill and chatting with new friends it's just endless the images that peeps are developing and the best part the first print off the block.

Maragaret Sanders has been our tutor, she truly has a gift of engaging with every individual, is very patient and even better very encouraging to get you moving in your own direction. The end goal is a group exhibition during the fringe, Margaret will be printing the final edition, we keep one print and one gets framed for the show.

birthday time!

My small blocks of lino have of course taken a journey into clay and the first mini plates came out of the kiln on Saturday just in time for market...

So in between all this and life kaos I've been working towards filling and earthenware gas kiln, it hasn't got much further than this :P

Oh and this happened at the club, major communication breakdown and the kiln fired on a 12 hour cycle for 4 days, when I dropped in the kiln temp was registering 1300degC at 12pm so who knows what it actually had been getting to for those previous days... the fallout is brick shrinkage and repairs to the kiln ricks just melted away, there's some repairs to the wiring box to be done yet but hopefully we'll still be able to do low firings in K2

Spring exh opening at Gallery 1855
Studio production time last week I was so relieved to have studio time on Friday and got cranking over the wkd too, so from the previous friday to this saturday I actually managed to fill the bisque and get fired with a slight stall in between, my circuit breaker kept tripping so I unloaded the kiln, took it all to the club decided we didn't have enough to fill 'Black Betty' kiln who won't fire anyway because the wiring fix that the council did actually by passed the timer and now it doesn't work at all .... so home again, load again on Wednesday, fire, unpack thursday, glaze and repack for next firing friday, cool saturday and unload for market sunday!! And have a great day at the Market on Sunday! woohoo the sun was out and spring was pumping in was a great day out, my thanks to all the peeps who dropped by and especially the lovely ones who bought work and made this all worthwhile over the last week. Then just in time to drop into Milan Rouge at days end and deliver some new works ready for the Chrissy Shopping that it sounds to have already begun!!

So expect more silence as I go into full production mode over the next month before I leave for my Birthday trip to Vietnam this October. Should be fun and a total new journey into new places and meet some new peeps! Market season has truly begun here, there's the Port Festival next month, then the Blues Festival in the Barossa another 2 day event, the Wheaty Chrissy Sale, my Open Studio Sale and Stirling Markets in between all these... I'd better get cranking!!! : )

anyhoo happy Autumn, fall on the other side of the seas and Happy Spring on our side...