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Sunday 31 October 2010

Monday 25 October 2010

a big wkd...

what a marathon wkd!!

saturday was the spring fair at the waldorf school in mt barker and a beautiful day it was!!

I found some yummy lunch from the canteen it took me back standing in a queue waiting to be served..ha!
and chatted lots of peeps while waiting and one guy in a cowboy hat!! the peeps you meet at theses things..

Rose does a fantastic job with the display sometimes i think i'm getting the hang of it then i turn around and look at the rest of the stall!! nup i'll just leave it to rose ; )

and sunday was the stirling market another beautiful day lots of peeps...another order to a satisfied customer and quite a bit of sneezing there was pollen floating everywhere...

so rather exhausted but a good wkd, this is the busy season for us leading up to christmas now. 
my annual open studio will be the 3rd wkd in november as we have the Art at the Hart in December when i usually have it, Ali and Rose and myself are sharing a double stall and will be doing some demos too..
might break out the video for that one..

well that the wkd report .. I had a lovely day for my birthday today, more sneezing! some time in the studio making some extra pieces for the display for my open studio and some additions to the lil birdie range too.. more on that this saturday when i hope to be firing the small gas kiln woohoo!!!
mostly shinos agogo...

Friday 22 October 2010


Howdy all, I haven't been away intentionally.....just flat out and the studio is cranking too!!
Its that time of year when work is busy and lots of marketing to do with the ceramics too plus a restaurant order that has kept me well busy and I just realized yesterday there was another request that I haven't had time to make..

I have also started teaching a drawing class on tues nights, all newbies and some really nice work coming out here's a quick look at the month past...and a lovely thanks to Zygote for his cone 6 amber glaze ( the cup I'm holding below) it's yum!!!

and Roses lovely green satin matt glaze....

Monday 4 October 2010

making and breaking...

Another good studio day.... todays plan was to make some more vessels in the form of the bunny bowl which you may remember back when i was trying those lazer decals, it really is my favourite piece from the bunch and kept it for my kitchen collection.. I now have some screens ready to do some printing directly onto the work and will be happy to see bunny again in black and white..

 and just because i had some time up my sleeve after throwing this afternoon i thought i'll get a lil destructive with my kiln!! I always intended to replace the hot face and since the kiln had been struggling to get to temp. I discussed it with combustion engineer extraordinaire keith, we decided that the heat loss from the kiln needed addressing and try replacing the hotface in the kiln...

so i started to peel away the top layer and some of it just fell off after removing the buttons and some of it seemed fused together so out with the scraper!!

It is quite amazing peeling away the layers of someone elses work revealing that some cement and possibly sodium silicate had been used to hold the layers together..quite a bit of patching also, I'm removing all of the old buttons now and replacing with my small ones.. Also considering right now if i should redo the whole thing as the inside layers are all over the place and none of the layers wrap around they meet in the corners and have shrunk away after many firings, I would have overlapped the layers to avoid this..

I could of course leave the inside layers and do a new hot face and also do an outer layer to the kiln itself, any thoughts anyone?? Also interesting the under layer has a blue tinge which could be from the metals burnt off from the glazes...hmmmm

Sunday 3 October 2010

sweet as...

 It's spring, I'm sneezing and the studio is buzzing again... loving the sunshine and life is good!!

So i'm prepping some work for the printed images and having a play with my new purchase the type stamps, you know i've been looking for these guys for years and the good ol internet search finally came up with these guys all the way from The States...woohoo!! so lots of animalia will be happening on these pieces and no doubt some glaze layering too ..i just can''t help myself really...


and some lovely copper fish slip trailing, also rather addictive.. i slipped every tray i had made on friday...hehehe.... and pugged 50 Kg of clay all ready to start big pot making and with a Public Holiday on Monday I'm pretty sure where i'll be spending it...

There's a big dish somewhere too, i think it's hiding on the drying shelves...hmmm must go in search of and hope it hasn't dried out too quickly, that's the thing in this lovely spring weather all of a sudden things dry out in a day..

Hmmm brilliant sunday afternoon, I might just do some gardening or oil the chairs that have dried out and look rather grey after the winter...that is after the soup's done, more curried pumpkin soup on the menu for lunch...mmm mmmm and congrats on the opening guys i've seen some of Linda's pics and Trace too keep em coming i'm sure there's some more blogger pieces to show too...ooh and i'm supposed to be doing that profile thingy that Cindy put me up for...I'll get to it...and what an opening Cindy had on friday night too !! check it out...and a super big cheers to Meredith the Champion of the Clay and Blogs show hope you had a great time and met some sweet people.. :))