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Thursday 30 June 2022

Absolute cracker...

 What an absolute cracker of a firing! We're so happy to have the kiln going again and she didn't disappoint at all. All of the regular glazes showing off a treat on some combo clays. I have a heavy iron recycle with added pebbles form over the road, note, I might need to go easy on those as they are totally melting but we did a good cone 10, so that understandable.

Also pushed a Keanes Lumina clay to the max. beautiful copper red on that one and a light mix recycle clay, that would be cone 6 white, some RGH red clay and tad porcelainous...

Shino's came out a treat with some lovely mugs and beakers too. Some of the lighter pieces warped a bit but they're ok, quite a nice warp :D

The Nuka's are so soft and creamy, just so happy overall. Only one dud piece but that was probably too much ash.