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Saturday 8 June 2019

Clay Soiree...

What a fab day! The second to last week of our show and what a great day!

Kevin and I gave exhibition talks today, a tour of our show and demonstrations plus hands on. We are extremely thankful to that total turnout for the day...people just kept on coming in, even to the end having passers-by dropping in to look at the show.

We are also thankful for our show facilitator and all the organising that made today run smoothly.
Kev talked about the pit, our processes and our firings. I talked about the intensity of exhibition work process and the importance of taking a break to artistic development...

And just in, the successes of last weekend's firing, if you are following along with our story you will know that last wkd was the firing of a brand new pit on a new friend's property. The respect that we have for this new location is hard to explain but we are both a tad overwhelmed by the hospitality and hope that we can develop this new friendship into something meaningful for all our local artists.

cheers all :D

Here's some pics from today...