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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Ash Glazing...

It's been a while since I did some new Ash Glaze tests and with a break in regular making, SALA seemed like as good a time as any. So with a gas firing pending for Mugs Day in Stirling, I set to mixing up some simple variations with materials at hand... the smoothest piece is the most complex glaze derived from a Phil Rogers recipe I had scribbled down in one of my journals... So there are 4 samples here which I then applied to some larger vase like forms... The clay is a mixture of stoneware bodies with a fine grog addition and a ball clay slip brushed on at leather hard stage, during which some surface texture was added by drawing into the clay with a pencil. 

The glazes are simple combos of feldspar and clay and ash straight out of the fireplace, no washing or sieving of the ash and no colourants added, the green colour is straight from the natural ash. The wood burnt would have been local fruit tree, plum, apple and some redwood plus some pine.

So there you have to mix them again and test again!

Thanks for dropping by and reading notes from my glaze journal July 2017...

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