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Thursday 29 November 2007

Market shots

Last weekend again beautiful weather for market day at Stirling, Druids Avenue, with lots of marketeers......... next market pre christmas december 16th.

Tuesday 20 November 2007

Pirate Nite 2007 dinner part3

can anyone say chocolate sauce......

the musical performances.......

Pirate Nite 2007 dinner

Another big end of year celebration with the Tea Tree Gully potters, the theme this year pirates open to interpretation of course! We had traditional songs performed pretty well by some and yelled by others.......quite a crack up! I've added a few photos from the jigs to the dinner plate.

Pirate nite punch beakers made for the night

Saturday 3 November 2007

Tea Tree Gully potters medieval dinner 2006

A big food fest and all round fun night with mulled wine, lamb on the spit, archers, blue company dancers, a fund-raising auction and fun dressing up fellas!!

Reds, Purples and Ash Glazes

some raku results and our raku firing setup

reds, purples and ash glazes

raku firing at tea tree gully potters 2006

Images from Stirling Market

Market wares

Wall Tales exhibition

Planes, Trains and Ferry Boat Rides about my trip to Hong Kong and a distinct case of vertigo..

Wall Tales exhibition with the Clay Collective at Festival Centre sept 2007 in the Oz Asia festival. Wall based ceramic works inspired by historic tales, personal adventures and everyday experiences.