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Sunday 6 September 2015

Special focus…

Special focus… I have been in my new studio for 3 weeks now and been productive for 2 weeks with a few throwing sessions. Getting into a new groove has not been without it's challenges. This space is quite intimidating and a challenge to make an impact on.
I thought about creating work flow spaces and economy of effort and for that very reason have placed my throwing station close to shelvage and wedging room which at the mo is the floor…

Down the track kilns will be wired and plumbed but for now I'm transporting wares to be fired, which also means driving like a granny ;) … my raku kiln will get cranked this week weather permitting and hopefully I'll stream that. stay in touch on periscope @angwalford, twitter @angwalford and instagram @angelawalford

shino noodle

I'm concentrating on a few wares like shino noodle bowls and servers and shortly the white range will get started again.  With the next few firings planned and exhibition works get finalised, there's a lovely project called the cup collaboration which I'm so looking forward to see what everyone has come up with! And the big clay day out is the end of this month too! So looking forward to that @ Flaxley this year sat 26 september midday til dark and no doubt a media production will happen too!

Anyhoo here's a small gallery of images from this week… happy days ;)

lil birdie