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Thursday 26 June 2008

Chilli the food kind

Here it be my chilli recipe, after sharing lunch today Anna requested my chilli recipe its more taste and see how things are blending than an exact recipe and depending on what's in the fridge or growing in the makes a monster pot of chilli...

I use steak just prefer it to mince about 500grams cubed
1 Tbs sunflower oil use whatever you prefer 
lightly brown the meat and add 2 tsp of chilli powder less or more depending on amount of veg to add
1 heaped tsp ground cumin
cook off for a bit
add 11/2 large tin crushed tomatoes
1 good tsp salt
1-2 tsp sugar this all depends on your tomatoes acidity work to taste
200g sun dried tomatoes if you have them
1 tin red kidney beans
1 zuchini diced
big handful mushrooms diced
1 carrot diced
1 red capsicum diced
1 small red chilli if you have it deseeded
2 Tbs tomato paste
cook down for 1 hourish always taste before serving balance the acidity and salt
serve with sour cream and rice

Tuesday 24 June 2008


more of my sketchbook.... I do tend to fill every smidgen possible exhausting ideas coming out of my head on to the page and the pages get revisited and stuff added later depended on what i'm working on at the time..

trying to dry my work when the atmosphere is like a damp cupboard....

Finally handles and slipped the recycled clay body works all but one piece behaving itself and another teapot together. Its a bit slow going when work just keeps getting busy and I'm trying to get the gas connection sorted for big momma our gas kiln at the club, hopefully a phone call today to the gas fitter guy will get it started there's so many regulations to comply with these days and lots of paper work to fill out I need to call the 'board of really specific information' for compliance again today... oh well it will be worth it when we can fire it.......

Sunday 22 June 2008

it's chilly out there


It was way chilly today at stirling market. I've learnt the layering technique from Rose when in doubt put everything on!! The reservoir at chain of ponds is slowly filling up now, its a bit green but better than the clay pan it was starting to look like.  Ooh and I had a near altercation with a roo this morning driving from Roses place he popped up the hillside right at my front passenger window!! hello!! well it was more ahhhh! and where'd he go?

Wednesday 18 June 2008

all tea-ed up

A very productive day today, I dried off the teapot forms I made last night and did the spouts lids and tops all ready to assemble. I managed to get one all together and the other three I can do tomorrow now that I have a concept happening. The only preformed idea I started with was that the spout needs to work with the experimental jug form I made earlier this year. 

These pieces will be for the gallery in the Barossa I'm putting work in for SALA and also for the Tea Tree Gully Art Show which reminds me application forms need to be in by Friday 18th July .

The last pic is one of my most favourite tools, its a piece of security screen mesh pop riveted to some pvc pipe, the same material that i gouged a nice piece of my thumb out with on the weekend.


Teapot sketches to get me started today.. photos later

Saturday 14 June 2008


The rolled handles are all on the wares from mondays session now took a while, I'll be on a tool hunt soon really need a rolling pin in my studio plus i was checking out emilys blog she has all sorts of tuts. happening, here's the page will the rolling pins all decked out for pattern making. 

I cut my thumb today courtesty of the screen mesh i've been using for texture, so that's another tool to make more functional, I have a handy mesh roller in my tool kit at the club need to duplicate it. I'll grab some shots of tools this week, I always find a facinating tool invention at demonstrations fleur schell showed some tricky moves with the back of a tv set at a demo in ballarat we went to a couple of years ago. The pics are from the demo & teapot from coinciding exhibition in Ballarat vic.

Friday 13 June 2008

all rugged up

Its day three of the process of "rugging up" mary and the kids prior to the casting process in bronze, the foundry boys came over from melbourne for the week, they're currently camped out and found out how chilly it gets out there in the shed. Judith is estimating the job will be done by saturdays end so the molds will then be taken back to the foundry and Judith will then go over there for a couple of weeks to finish off the waxes before the bronze process. I missed most of day one by the time I got to the club on wednesday the metal formers were well set into the figures and epoxy white rubber mix was well under way..

Tuesday 10 June 2008

ahh the recycled

Hi Caffa, I'm assuming that's your dot in the map??

It's just so nice working with the recycled clay body, I  had a play yesterday with altering forms, pushing the sides, squaring the forms in different ways and finally sculpting ribbed curves, these will have rolled handles added to them this week its sooo damp outside they haven't dried off at all since yesterday so no rushing to get them finished.. 

SALA is coming up in August and I have 2 places to get work ready for and the raku is being stuborn in the clean up phase but I'll get there..  And I'm making a teapot grouping for the Peter Franz Gallery in the Barossa think I'd better get started on that this week... mmm

Tuesday 3 June 2008


42 posts where did the time go...

Well I had a monster clean out yesterday now everything is in its place lets see how long that lasts....I finished the mortar & pestal sets so now i just need to fill a c10 firing with other work, I'm planning on using a lovely chun recipe passed on at college. 

My kiln will be moving v.soon into its own space a small extension on the back of my studio just behind where its located now and another big working bench will be in its current place plus more shelvage, my current routine is to fill every surface and then the floor not exactly ideal as even I step on my own work! Well busy week with work but a long weekend coming up so no doubt I'll get some making time, happy working all, cheers..

Sunday 1 June 2008

raku the bottles


We had more great weekend weather for rakuing, I got all the bottles done so that should keep me going for a while. They still need cleaning up some of the resist resisted coming off so that's a job for monday, it was good to see Judith and Barb came down and helped with lids. Judith should be up and blogging soon too. Thanks Kevin Mr bbq star nice lunch..

And Campbelltown show finished today Anna picked up a merit award & I did too, nice! Erin from the Jam Factory took 1st price, well done..