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Tuesday 27 September 2011

slipware movie teaser pt2...

                                                                                 After some final tweaking the Slipware Movie will be on it's way, a lil post out to England, Scotland and the US will see it pop up in your mail boxes very soon!! The movie content is all about the three workshops in Cape Cod, Virginia and North Carolina....Lots of Video some with pertinent techie info, question answering, loads of throwing demos, handle attachments and an immense amount of stills all blended into one film.. I still have copious amounts of video from travelling to put together and that will take some time...I'm so glad I put together short vids as we went along the east coast otherwise this could really be a nightmare sorting out!! anyhoo enjoy the teaser pt 2...


Monday 26 September 2011

slippety slip slop...

The workshop on Saturday went down a treat the only part of videoing that the peeps wanted to see more of was Hannah's Platter slip decorating....
unfortunately my flip decided to flip out and didn't record the enormous platter at the Cape Cod workshop...which was an amazing piece!! so I only have stills...

So I got the universal remote to tune in to the TV and we now have a vid channel on the old box woohoo!! only took me and hour to tune the beast in :P

I had prepped plenty of pots and slip in the week prior so the day ran pretty smoothly after sussing out thickness of the slip issues....The slip trailing was a hit so most of the deco that will come out of the kiln will consist of that...I really enjoyed doing finger wipes and marking the wet slip with I have a few of those plus the old black over white pours...mmmm

I think a couple of things have cracks in them prob from messing with them too much it's a do the marks and leave the pots alone process really...

The weather was great on saturday quite cool and really good for slip trailing into wet slip, I think the warmer months will be no good for this process unless we have some humid days..otherwise spring activity it will be... we have a good size turn out about a dozen of us and a great lunch spread and plenty of time to thanks to everyone that made this day a success!! 

the next workshop is a printing one see you in november for that one...

where to start!!!

nice start to the marbling

sandy started us all going dotty

judiths sliptrailing
annas slip trailing

alis kingfisher

sallys houses

belindas slip trailing

pam about to do surgery

a couple of my dotty pieces

Friday 23 September 2011

the slipware invasion tour... teaser 1

the slipware invasion tour... teaser #1

just ahead of the workshop at the club tomorrow here's a lil teaser!!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

'slipware the movie'...

I'm excited about this last batch of clay....

it continues to inspire me when I should be making summery bright work I can't seem to drag myself away from the grunge!! I still want to make some heavy cooking ware before I leave it totally for the summer and who knows if I will :P

Anyhoo Ali and I did a small market at the Wheaty on Saturday and the first hour was busy and my show piece for the day sold with lots of interest in it plus a couple of orders for them so I guess that will  keep me distracted for a while... these lil beakers I made sunday arvo after trimming the grunge wares, so off to the club today with them get a kiln loaded and then finishing off the pots I threw last night for saturdays workshop!!  'slipware the movie' is finally done and gets it's first run on saturday so i'll be looking for feedback on it and no doubt tweaking it a tad before I send it overseas to my fellow trippees...

So on to Saturdays Slipware Workshop... I still have some spaces if you're thinking about coming over's 10am - 2pm ...Movies...pots... links.. blogs...BYO shared lunch and BYO leatherhard terracotta pots all that for $15... 

so come on over to TEA TREE STUDIO lot6 Crouch Rd Golden Grove
contact me ANG if you get lost!!!!! 0412 848 878

Saturday 10 September 2011

angela walford ceramic artist

Hey i'm still here, just had a break post SALA ( South Australian Living Artist )  it was quite the whirlwind month with 5 shows on my list and a mixed response from peeps really.. Ali's, Rose and my show up in the Hills had moderate successes and we all sold so that's a great start!
Other shows such as my local ones were great for exposure but no sales and one of my favourites this SALA was the St Igantius Art Show admittedly it's a well oiled machine that's been running for quite a few years and so well supported by local artists. Some of the paintings were just amazing and the sculpture garden was one of my fav places and the best thing selling my raku pieces.

Anyhoo this post is about my latest project.. I'm not moving just adding another location angelawalfordceramics it's my new wordpress page. This one will replace the mac page I set up last year Angela Walford website that didn't prove to be as user friendly as I would have liked, for one the ridiculous web address they gave me!! And since it looks like iweb will not be continued it was write off time for this software..

I'll be bringing over parts of what I like from that page to my new site and keeping solid ol blogger here as my centre point, the only thing missing is a decent gallery page but that's no biggy as my new page has plenty of opportunity for this.

So that's what I've been up to, you'll notice in my sidebar there's new shows coming up and with spring much nicer weather to work outside in and a great workshop at the club coming up...we're going to dabble in some slipware so bring along your terracotta pieces with some nice surface to decorate on!!

Saturday 24th September 2011 10am $10 to members $15 to visitors.. BYO shared lunch and some leatherhard terracotta 'red clay' wares.. email me for more details.

I have of course plenty of videos to show from the US trip and more than a few tools of the trade from Doug and lovely slip trailed pieces from Hannah too, I also have a couple of Paul's pieces that will make quite a nice selection of work to drool over.. so this one should be fun..