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Sunday 21 April 2013

serving drinks...

but first things first!!!

Raku Firing at Tea Tree Studio

Sat, May 18, 9am – 3pm
Tea Tree Studio located at
30 Crouch rd golden grove south australia, next to church in the green sheds, at harpers field, you'll see the scout sign on our gated driveway
Check in on facebook for updates etc... on Tea Tree Studio page

Ok all 6 of those Tagine lids are all trimmed and a wee bowl form inserted in the Lid to cap them the slow dry continues under plastic across this week and load a bisque firing next wkd ready for glazing when we get back from Gulgong!!

So onto todays topic, serving drinks...
Theres a new exhibition at Gallery 1855


 recent works by Frances Griffin, Ian Willding & Alison Main 

 17 April to 15 June 2013

Frances Griffin, Alison Main and Ian Willding are three artists with Central Studios who have a common enthusiasm for engaging with the materiality of their chosen medium and a belief in allowing the act of making to influence an outcome. 

The opening was Tuesday night and ARTAG get to host yet again :))
Serving drinks is our pleasure, Bec has the pouring action down and I crack open the bubbly in the workroom!! much better at opening those new lids now but better to be away from the art work..
Heres a few piccies from tuesday..
twas a nice night and didn't have to call in takeaway after all, a good group of peeps dropped in for a view and a chat. 
We listened to Carol Neil, director of Community & Cultural development from city of TTG give the opening chat and had a nice time meeting some new peeps...pity the foxy pub wasnt open tuesday pm it would have made a nice progression after the gig..

anyhoo thats it for today, a rainy day and the beginning of winter it looks...
A very nice arvo to sit by the fire recovering from my flu jab yesterda, not sure you could call nausea 
a cracking headache and painful sinuses not to mention the belly ache, mild symptoms anyway perhaps better than getting the actual flu!

Sunday 14 April 2013


Tagines... it's a project that has been simmering for quite a while.

There's the research then the testing and with quite a lot of brewing and thinking eventually there comes the making. It's not like I have been sitting around doing nothing but sometimes projects take time. Longer than I wished they took but there's a process and it must be brewed.

Todays lil effort, six lids a good start! enjoy the vid..

Thursday 4 April 2013

500 prints and mr showcase time..

What a week, it's the stuff we work hard for but totally is a mind blowout when it comes together..

Friday night my sweet friends at Milan Rouge are having an opening for this months showcase
which happens to feature the majority of the last kiln firing and I cant wait to see it all come together with Richards paintings..

And yesterday look what arrived, it's one of those deliveries I know is coming but totally forget so when it does arrive it's woohoo time! and what an amazing selection of works, the Juror Paul Andrew Wandless definitely had a task with such gorgeous work and did a brilliant job.. 500 prints on clay, I hope you get yours soon :))

Tuesday 2 April 2013

marathon photoshoot...

marathon photoshoot yesterday...

5 hours later all the work from saturdays kiln load was photographed and catalogued!
it's been a mammoth week.. between work and glazing there wasn't much foot room in my studio and amazingly only 4 pieces didn't make it into the kiln..
 and the unloading went well only a few crawling incidents with the shino and the mystery clink that i heard when loading in the last shelf was a tiny piece of prop that landed in the smallest bowl possible and didn't even stick to the glaze!!

anyhoo here's some of my new tiles..

I'm heading up to Milan Rouge in Stirling today to deliver the exhibition work
The exhibition opening is friday night 6.30pm ... Hope to see you if you're in town :))

just some of the gorgeous colour response from the firing, some great contrasts and some really subtle responses from the satin shino.. and of course the touches of carbon trapping they make my heart smile..

just some of the glaze on glaze on glaze action for the pendants..

 and some new glaze tests, mr coffees white is very nice, it performed very well..

 and the last electric kiln was full of the fellas..
loads of plates, bowls of different sizes and teasets..

ahh my fav mug and a keeper!!