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Friday 29 March 2013

literally to the rafters..

A little catchup on this week, Yesterday I went for  a meet with Connie and Anna re out Gulgong clay push conference trip end of this month..
And while we were in AC ARTs checked out the year 12 show which had some amazingly mature works and on discussion with my colleague its such a shame that some of these kids won't go on to college which is such a shame!!
Anyhoo, today was wadding and loading day.. it took me all afternoon but finally loaded with only a few pieces left over!
Rather pleasing to see everything loaded tonight and quite happy about firing tomorrow, what a great weekend, its been a stress of a week with work and stuff but happy to finally get his done..
This is what the stack looks right from the front, it's absolutely chockas, literally to the rafters..

Here's the moving pictures version.. more pics tomorrow, should be a nice day around 21C..
In amongst checking out my tent putting up abilities, I will be firing up baby.. mostly shinos some new tests and a few chuns should be good.. check out the moving version below

Saturday 23 March 2013

gettin ma glaze on...

some of this.....

and loads of this... check out the video it says it all... big glaze on saturday

Saturday 9 March 2013

studio daze...

TALLEST MAN ON EARTH, the cat empire,The Alaev Family...
Just some of the acts at Womadelaide last night.. A veggie dinner in the dark I had not much of an idea of what I was eating apart from the usual dietry requests when I ordered dinner.. Wow there was just too much food and cider was on the menu for the night, i'm pretty sure they amped up the prices this year, it used to be the cheapest at the bar! Anyhoo great night and the usual headache today either the cider or the humidity today! It was totally packed last night way more peeps than last year but no sniffer dogs and not much wacky weed on the nose either, must have been a different crowd!

Anyhoo had a super day in the studio. I started out light cutting up some decals, Ive ordered some jewellery ball bits online hope they're the right size :P and then got on with cracking yesterdays bisque kiln, everything looks good.. it's the load of pots for shinos for my Milan Rouge show end of his month.. and lil big birdie tile are all glazed up an ready for the kiln, so that will be glazed this week and loaded up too.

printing, printing and more printing!!

look more printing!!

 The other print challenge today was lil big birdie and giraffe fella, 30 of each just to be sure I had enough. I've done sets of large dinner bowls, snack bowls, a couple of lidded forms, a teapot and cups of each set. The glazing maybe tomorrow or Monday and then get some loaded into the electric kiln. It depends on the weather really if it's too hot in the studio, the garden is probably going to get some attention as there's so much pruning to do and loads of cleaning up all the summer dry and dead stuff.. anyhoo a great start to the wkd...

Monday 4 March 2013

my arch nemisis pt deux

here he is again....

after scaring the crip outta me on saturday! he had appeared mid studio hiding behind a cupboard door that was open.. I of course yelled and he scarpered, at which point I notice he's been in the wars.. the end of his tail is missing and amazingly two days later it has almost healed over and now has a ridiculous looking stub tail. Anyhoo this is his morning spot corner of the studio.

This wkd was some garden work and as a result rather sore today. As the rain water tanks were getting low it is prime opportune time to move them all together which involved emptying the end tank into the green tank.. moving the end tank about a meter and moving the water back from the green tank. It's inpromptu stand is made from a bunch of old pavers, the replumbing and levelling is done all apart from the tap that broke off the green tank
 in process of the move and do you think I can find a replacement to fit!! of course not, the ebay search was random so I gonna try to source it locally, that or but a $2 tap from china in the hope it will fit. My biggest drama at the mo is rain is expected next wkd and i'd rather like to get some tanks filled.. grrr

I did have a hopeful moment that saturdays work would be done and I could get on with some print and glaze work but here they sit still.. maybe later today after work..

I was super happy with the last glaze firing and made it to cone 6 very pleasantly surprised! thank you lovely kiln :)) The new colour combos are a hit and a full range is now required to stock my favourite shop in town!


and more work awaiting bisque for this months show! must get in there this week and finish the throwing sessions.. It always depends on my freelance work load and last week was particularly busy and difficult, hopefully upping the vitamins will help with recovery seem to be working so far waking up with the sun :)) nice change..