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Monday 31 August 2009

village stomp..

ere's a little montage from thursday, a little stroll through the village main street and pics around the chapel with some amazing window textures and stonework.. some gargoils that really aren't scary at all..maybe they're not ha!!!

the street was so fascinating and the wrong side parking totally freaked me out...mornin all.. this was the end of my morning walk and i thought a little montage was in order, there's some gorgeous little flowers and ferns growing in the crevices..

and some gorgeous scraffito work by doug...yummy stuff

Sunday 30 August 2009

where's wally....

the new look...

a few very different results for's been a great learning curve doing slipware the last couple of's some shots from this week, pots fresh from the bisque and from the glaze firing at doug fitch's a few mugs and plates with the cyprus inspired deco from dougs library...

a little interval with the helicopter pass over the workshop roof, wow that was low!

It's a lovely spot on the front bench for photos, just looking at these tonight i'm thinking of the visit to the wenford bridge pottery and the workshop of michael cardew, dougs got some lovely pics from there too..we took some outside and it's a little spooky now that the space is all vacant and bats have made a home there upstairs in what must have been office space..

I still have the best part of a week here with family before returning home and had a lovely time with doug, hil and the boys and the extended family of furry animals.. cheers doug for your lovely hospitality and the best tour of devon with a sound track only you could provide....heheheh,... happy giging sunday.....rite...! YARP...

Thursday 27 August 2009


Wednesday's plans were thwarted by car issues... .we were heading off to st ives catching up with jack doherty at leach pottery and lincoln kirby bell in penzance who set up his studio there..

So we'll pick up a rental later today and head down tonight, lots to fit in but we have a plan...well doug does...!

So yesterday, i headed off to town with hil and had some lunch in a great old place that must have been the town hall or a church..really spacious and a balcony overlooking downstairs, toured some vintage clothe shops and went to visit '3' to see if we could figure out my account issues, note to self '3'uk are not the same as '3' oz, funny thing everywhere i go people want to talk sport! ha sorry folks i have no clue...! wandered around the apple store, not great the place was full of kids on everything, so it was a walkin and geniuses there...and the gear is more expensive than home..

later at the workshop.... we unloaded a bisque the teapots and the big dish then glazed and reloaded the small kiln...and the plates and mugs and some jugs of dougs went into a hot kiln to steam the a little while we were out, then fire overnight... I may be sharing some bad habits by putting damp ware in to push a bisque... o' oh.....!! next time you hear about an exploded pot it'll be all my fault..

the 1st 2 pics are off the show... the 2nd 2 are us mucking around in the main street..

Just for fun last night we went in search of the location for filming of Jam & and Jerusalem..

Would you believe I come all this way to introduce Hil & Doug to the series.. I saw it was on tellie the other night and since it hasn't been on for ages at home a little catchup was called for.. so back to last night we went in search of the pub.. all the exteriors are the same but inside certainly isn't a timber lined pub... 4 fellas hanging around the bar talking about football..with a darts score board that plugs in and a blue pool table, one dining table and a couple of church pews..!! ha!!
Jam & Jerusalem is filmed on location in North Tawton in Devon and on Dartmoor. Interior scenes are filmed at Pinewood Studios.

and now for something completely different....ha

Wednesday 26 August 2009

lots of pics around barrington court and scraffito deco...

green thumbs and paul the tea lady...

A generally spiffing day... the sun popped out for a bit...yey!!

and a super trip up to pauls diggs at barrington court, talk about green and massive gardens...

espaliered fruit trees, heaps of flowers and ponds, all the good stuff that makes for a great garden..

and paul making tea, cheers paul lovely to meet you and marion..and check out the other space too, hope it all works out well, keep us posted..

Tuesday 25 August 2009

it's all greek to me...


and as per hil's request handles that you can get your fingers in!!! not really my forte but i gave it the best, the untidier the better i say...!!

a few more plates ready to deco tomorrow night..

browned off...

hehehe... more brown err red stuff..

a little muggage today, while doug cleaned out the showroom heading towards getting the floor in...lovely!!

look sunshine although i spent most of the day inside, the pots got some sunshine..

one teapots having some crackage but that'll be alright we'll fill it with glaze doug says...! yep i'll play along with that..

Monday 24 August 2009

teapot #3

just dashed down to the workshop to finish slipping #3 teapot, what a groover.... lovely wet slip to wipe through and scratch back.....i really need a bunch of fresh work to get a good feel for the slip experience but so far so good, the ideas are starting to come..

i've just been looking at a great slipware book that doug brought back from cyprus with some amazing fish and birds and lovely quick illustration markings, that are certainly who knows, a vsit to the dark side as ron calls it...

exeter on the map...

todays mini shopping trip took a roof top view over some of exeter and a little folliage nothing like the green really...

and heres a groovy little map of the site at the entrance to the carpark facilities would you believe, such a lovely piece should have been more on public view i the king ron!!

Friday 21 August 2009

road to hollyford with the love daddies ..


this is the jug that doug demoed i have some vids for later to splice together..

the little kiln is from the kiln building course at nics this week, started on gas then switched over to oil fuel..

nics showroom is his driveway there's massive pots everywhere with lovely marks and flashings..

the groundhog kiln was having it's last firing before being pulled apart, and another kiln, a cantenary arch rather large one will replace it.. evening literally although the tent setup was brilliant and i spent most of the evening sitting by the fire and chatting with folks doing the course from all over including blogger andrew, an ex art teacher, and a couple a german students, if i was better with names i'd be able to name them wouldn't i..! a good night all up..


had a great couple of hours at the workshop today, discovered the wonders of slip after pouring the white slip over the black of yesterday and got some combing happening...doug has a wonderful little tool to draw with its just like holding a pen so works well for me...i finished some fine line work as the slip dryed off a bit..
so that's the teapots an the big platter done.. it was great to see the line work of the teapots appear as the slip dryed off a bit..and then doug had a demo at nics so he pile up the car with gear, picked up hil a drove off to nics..

Thursday 20 August 2009

on the way to hollyford...

a little road trip to dougs pottery mini tour and me making teapots..

exeter city v the other guys...

a little snippet of tuesday nights game....

todays stuff...

todays efforts, a big ponder outside on the bench before which i'm enjoying the easy starts just about lunch time today i think and since i work the other end of the day
it doesn't feel that late..finished off the rim of the big plate and got the first layer of slip on...teapots are half together and ready for some slip tomorrow..apparently we're off to the pub for some skittles....hehehe, Hil cooked some mean capsicum soup tonight, really nice....