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Sunday 30 September 2012


sub-CLAY sunday was just as adventurous as satURDAY...
the keynote address was with Akio Takamori such stunning work and quite a swift observer and responder when it came to Q&A time.. I tried to get back to the demos that I'd seen the start of early in the day to see the final results and Gerry And Dave had set up for dinner nanna style... and rounded up the day with a very swift lecture from Jackson Li..

Akio Takamori

David Ray style Taurine..

The best Bernard impression all day!! cheers Gerry

 Cup Exhibition in Dorrit Black Building..

 Sandy Lockwood and Prue Venables at the Jam Factory..

It was good to see Fleur Schell again we saw her at the Ballarat Conference in 2005, she did a great presentation on the loaded title 'Shameless Self Promotion'


Dinner with Gerry and Dave...

Daves cutting wire attached to two horses..

final lecture..

Jackson Li..

and thats where I left todays conference, totally worth it and so glad I squished it into a crazy week, lucky tomorrow is a holiday so a short sleep in perhaps and maybe a the studio awaits and pots to be slipped...yey

I have plans for a short video too with quite a bit of footage shot over the wkd .... hmmm BL theme perhaps, did he have a theme tune???

Saturday 29 September 2012

sub clay...

Far out what a day!! It started with a brilliant lecture from Claire Twomey UK and closed with an opening of graduate students in the old Queens Theatre building plus some lovely new woodfired works by Merrilyn Stock Adelaide in TOAST...

so in between there was...

Laura McKibbon Canada..

Phil Hart Adelaide..
who brought along Bernard Leach...

After Lunch the charmed Jackson Li China..

 and Andrew Bryant Australia..

then off to the Jam Factory ceramic dept to see Mark Heidenreich and hi massive pot making and Stephen Bowers and his assistant decorating those pots

 then back to another Lecture with our very own Gus Clutterbuck on Lighting Fires and Building Futures, with Jane Sawyer, Liz Williams, Prue Vennables and Jan Guy

 great day and plenty more tomorrow!! thats all for now seeya tomorrow peeps...

Tuesday 25 September 2012

sunday, ba

A moment from Stirling sunday which was incredibly windy but still nice weather for market day woohoo!! It was a tad quiet with peeps hiding out I suspect, we always blame it on the football but the weather forecast was rather abysmal, pity it turned out quite a stunner even if we did have to hang on to the gazebo occasionally...

And the firing results of my latest tiles, some jewellery and hanging for the offspring exhibition which works quite well I  think on the purple wall-papered wall.. The opening is friday night at TAFE in Light Square Adelaide 6pm hope you can make it.. for the start of conference wkd, it's gonna be a great one!! more soon....

Saturday 15 September 2012


saturday, saturday.. saturday

A big yey for Saturday studio day!! bowls and more bowls big ones small ones flat ones and I ran out of space, again... I really must sort this out coz I could have thrown another bag..Instead I finished off the tile printing as they really need to get through the kiln asap...

This week has been packed with lots of finishing things off and delivering projects.. Thursday I checked out the hanging space for Offspring, the thing with making tiles is figuring out how to hang them!! The overprinted tiles will look something like the ones from the 3 Seasons show but on terracotta. And also this week the Tagine project is continuing, more on that soon hopefully.. also I checked in to see how a SALA show went, a nice selection of the smaller bowls had sold and they are keeping some work on in the display area and hopefully coming towards christmas that work will continue to sell.

Friday night I walked back to the Central Market picked up some sheeps cheese mmmm and trecked it home after a busy afternoon.. Ooh almost forgot I have been selected for ARTAG, Thursday was the first meeting for the advisory group for the new art gallery in TTG  you can still vote for the name on the councils website It should be an interesting time as the whole site is a revamp from the old council chambers the original one for TTG as soon as I can i'll take some picks of the new space..

anyhoo thats about it.. enjoy the vid, I have to trim all these now!

Saturday 8 September 2012

studio day...oh yeah

Why is it when you just get started you're all finished?!
I do love a studio saturday and these tiles have been prepped for a week and ready to get slipping, so yep another sat'dy studio day and some new work is in progress...
This is for Offspring Exhibition with some fellow collegers from Light Square AIT ARTS this month during the Ceramics Triennale here in town... my entry of a new series of wall tiles is another discovery of landscape abstractions titled "Dead Centre"
so enjoy a vid from today... so why is it when you just get started you're all finished?!....