Thursday, 17 February 2011

stylin #3

Well busy week and i didn't quite make it yesterday for number 3's hot stylin tip... so here tis today...

Tunes!!!!! one simply has to have the grovin tunes whilst working in the studio.... I usually have triple J on I like the alternative tunes mostly, blame this on college too... I've never been much of a top40 fan but i will make an exception for Cee Lo Green 'F You' was in high rotation on the afore mentioned station complete with a language warning I have no idea why it made me smile so much :))
 Anyhoo the J's has freebies online and one of my favs at the mo is Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' along with 'Vampire wkd' of course...
So there's tip Number 3 get ya groove on!!!!

My lovely pug mill bits that Kevin blasted and painted up :))

Sunday arvo involved clay dirt trecking up the road...

Ovoid cups anyone ????

and some newies along with a couple of jugs...

fired another bisque today for Saturdays raku!! drop in if you're local Crouch Rd Golden Grove 5125 SAT 10am - 4pm Gas firing only....bring a plate :))


  1. I'm LOVIN' those ovid cups!!! very cool.

  2. i can't quite make it to alaska this time but a small package may just make it your way from the states this trip :))

  3. Groovy is right! lol Did you see CeeLo at the Grammy's? Crazy performance.
    Love the cups!

  4. hey judy i saw 2 secs of it on the news with the muppets!!! a bit elton really....totally missed the G's..oh well theres always youtube :))

  5. are you counting the days now until you board the plane for the US of A?
    WE are busy getting spring ready for your stylish self!

  6. hiya meredith, still weeks to go now :)) ah spring would be nice, I hope it's warm!!

  7. I just took Wesley's Gorillaz T shirt out of the dryer! She has been a fan since 3rd grade, loves their new CD and you know I am loving the Celo song :)

  8. love the ovoid cups and in total agreement with stylin' tips #2 and #3. gotta have tunes. i knew that about you though because the tunes are so prominent and appropriately edited in your videos

  9. hey trace thought you might be a fan :))

    Jim cheers, ahh good point.. oh well 4 more stylins to come up is a bit of a challenge as most of my stuff is on my blog already :P

  10. I really like the cups too- the handles are great! When and where are you going to be in the US?

  11. hi barbara, thanks...I'm coming over for the doug and hannah slipware tour! for most of April, wksps at Cape Cod, Liberty Town Fredericksburg and Shelby Nth near any of those spots??? I'm arriving in NY for a couple of days too...