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Wednesday 14 January 2015


With so many social media options available, what do you choose?
One of my favs for 2014 was Instagram. Nice filters and now with a fresh revamp, they are a quick and easy way to grab the essence of the studio day and share a little. Hence my 2014 hashtag #3hoursinstudio. It is also the name of my photo album on the dreaded facebook that captures an hour - 3 hours effort in the studio. I haven't named this years theme yet but no doubt it will come to me.. Anyhoo hop on either of those for daily updates. I will continue this page as my Journal space and general rants, not that there are many of those.

If yu still need to book for my workshop 'Mark making on Clay' at the Gallery 1855 pls get in touch with Niki e — at Gallery 1855 in Tea Tree Gully.

And see you at The Stirling Market Sunday 25 January in my usual spot on the lower lane outside the bank.

Meanwhile the ARTAG group from Gallery 1855 are working on an installation piece that will be really cool installing in our favourite room at the gallery complete with jail cell! We are all contributing in our medium of choice to a group piece about the impermanence of things, mostly relating to the gallery and its location as one of the first buildings in the area in what was once bushland. And more recently in connection with the Sampson flat bushfires our reflections will be very serendipitous

my beginnings of the installation pieces...

And a little trip up the 'The Nose' for a hike Monday night, at Parra Wirra Recreation Park, just stunning in the rain and fog. This place never ceases to amaze me! cheers Darren for the trail guide ;)