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Saturday 10 March 2012

fringe and my 5th!!

hey all!! what a gorgeous day today.. the girls and I took a mini tour of the 'fringe' today... it's another festival in march already full of events :)) but who counts car racing and bike racing anyway :P

The fringe is an arts and performance festival, there's also writers week - last week.. so today's tour started with Kat's studio in an old church building at Thebarton she shares with a few others.. designers, glassees and jewellers... what a great site! see also Kat's blog.. check her work out at the Bowerbird Bazaar in a couple of weeks..

The studio ceiling is so high it's impressive, as are the freezes and wall deco that still exists from the 50's-60's....then onto Gaganis a massive wholesalers warehouse full of every caterers hearts desire.... I def could have used a scooter in there!!

Just a bit later onto the city for some lunch in the 'Garden of unearthy delights' where I had an edinborough burger!! really good... followed by camels, the odd performance act and a lot of walking, to which I ended at the jazz stage in the shade.. a very civilised place to stop!
Then up rundle street and a quick detour into the new tea shop T2  a very pleasant distraction.. and up the road to the Urban Cow studio to check in and see what's new in Store...

All in all a very pleasant day touring and I am exhausted after a bit of a late night at the Womadelaide music festival last night that celebrates 20yrs in adelaide. Some truly stunning acts including the Drummers of Barundi and a very pleasant folksy interlude from Eddi Reader and from Staff Benda Bilili followed by a quite bizarre hit session from CHIC of which the david bowie tune was prob one of the most enjoyable for me.. well that's it and celebrating today the 5th anniversary of my blog and the 560th post!! phew :))

Well what a start to a great long wkd and still to come some studio time what could be better, if you want to keep up with what I've been up to check my weebly page or facebook :)) well happy wandering through all of the links and a wee slideshow from todays wanderings..

Sunday 4 March 2012

slipin trial #1...

so  here it begins the slipping trials...keep up with things on my weebly page i have the terracotta clay and a few ideas lets see where it all ends up and hopefully not in tears  : P ...