Monday, 28 February 2011

workin day...

Nearly done!! this big guy is awaiting a rim and that will happen tomorrow now, he's all wrapped up with heaps of placky and overnight will give todays coils time to consolidate and firm up.. then a little base tidying up and some slip and mark making... woohoo!!

trimmed and awaiting the slip now :))
The rim I score up ready for the next coil..
the pug all bright and shiny got its first workout today :))))))))))

a new batch of recycling drying out on plaster..

The Sculptural clay!!!! ready to start again with the platter making...
And this is how I wet down clay that I mentioned in the previous post...
If it's a bit too stiff for me to throw....slice her through and dunk a towel in the bucket loosely wring out and wrap up the clay in layers..tomorrow I flip the stack and the moisture settles out ready to wedge up..


  1. Looks like everyone has big pot fever this week, seen several blogs about them. Lookin' good! I have pug envy :)

  2. howdy trace, funny isn't it....the pug purrs :P

  3. I, too, covet your pug!
    I never thought of the towel idea to soften clay. I'm gonna give that a try... I'm finding that my hands do much better when the clay is on the soft side.

  4. hey patricia what a find eh!!!! oh the towel is the day clay is soft as :))

  5. hi ang, that's a big 'un. i enjoyed the video of adding the coils. i used to do that with slabs so i could go up 6 or 7 inches at a time but the pots weren't on a wheel and ended up all asymmetrical. looks like fun though

  6. howdy jim.. mmm all done now and on to the next one :)) I usually go up 3 coils at a time and pull it up a bit.. just for speed i did 2 on this one, i Then give the pot time to firm up for the next layer usually the next day depending on the weather really..