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Wednesday 5 November 2008

what's eating my marigold???

this is a new one to me, there's no snail trail, no visible bugs, just munched leaves, so what's eating my marigolds??..... my new tactic is to cover them with drink bottles until they grow more..

also the end of the orchid flowering, hopefully next
year the new plant will flower too...

and last but not least the recovery of the lime tree after the winter frost, I thought he was a gonner and even purchased a replacement but there ya go maybe that's all limey needed and sprang back to life


  1. you are having about the same luck I am. Can't keep the deer away from anything in my yard, the snails love the strawberries and I lost my little orange tree last year to something, I had had that tree for twenty years.
    My family gave me a really funny book last year called 100 ways to kill a snail.

  2. Good question, but don't send them here!
    I use Marigolds as a pest deterrent in the garden so that bugs go after them rather then the veggies

  3. it's a bit sad losing trees..I get attached, maybe I should look for that book it may have some answers...

    hey meredith, i don't think these bugs would make the i'm stuck with em..yep that's the idea to encourage bees and ward off the munchers but the flowers aren't open yet..i live in hope!