Monday, 14 February 2011


Ahh's a challenge but i'll see what i can come up with over the next 7 days....thinking of them all at one is just like preparing a shopping list really! I always forget something :P

And a lil studio tour with a bit of a flashback to last summer...we were sweltering but not at the mo, it's 22C outside lovely studio weather as it's usually quite a bit warmer up here ya go stylin #1 ya have to wait til the end or fast forward...


  1. heheheh cheers zyg...ya gettin my stylish groove!!

  2. you had a stylish tip before the stylish craze even began... you are a trailblazer!

  3. aww jim... shucks!!!.....thinking big for the next one :P

  4. Great one ANG- I am a barefoot girl myself,but not in the studio!
    Loved the tour.

  5. hehe.. how many months of heat do you have there, Ang? We have at least 7 months of it here.
    I can see why you like bear feet in the studio.. I bet that lovely smooth concrete floor. Bet it helps keep you cooler in sweltering weather.

  6. hey meredith, they be my thermostat regulator!!
    and not when doing anything dangeroos :P

    hiya anne about 5-6 i think depends on the year really this ones been mild...and yep love the cool floor..