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Monday 18 April 2016

#100mugs + studio seppeltsfield

Well it seemed like  a good idea at the time....
#100mugs in 100 days 'have fun says Kim' from tassie, if you're interested check out the facebook page 
I reckon I'm about half way in the making and some ideas developing in the process which was my plan... but you know if I get to the end of this project at least the work flow in itself has produced 100 mugs, so i'll be ready for mugs day this year with plenty to choose from!! 
That's in Stirling at MILAN ROUGE CCD

 slip too soon!!!! I slipped these fellas and watched the handles fall off one by one...bahahahahahaha, so I stopped dipping them!

And then there's other studio happenings. A photoshoot of my last gas firing with some lovely peach bloom looks, just a tad of saturday hilarity interviewing apprentices :P and some new tapas experiments lighty drawn and mostly lime ;)

and some more shino, you know it's my fav...