Monday, 28 February 2011

slipware after all...

Well Stirling Market day came and went and would you believe I didn't take a single photo??!! mmmm brain is a bit mushed me thinks...anyhoo yesterday was lovely a tad cool and foggy when we got there yesterday atop the hill and loads of cyclists.. I mean loads...everywhere!!

It was a beautiful day and lots of first time visitors to the market too which is always lovely... we drank, we ate, we sold some ceramica and heaps of chats and catchups the best stuff really...

So back to my mushed brain would you believe the platters I threw on friday are in terracotta clay???? how did I manage this you may well ask well..... I debagged 2 bags of clay and damped it down in a wet towel.... i'll pics the process later.. the clay body is remarkably similar to my warm sculptural body and in a very similar bag and well if i don't have my specs on I do assume a fair amount :P  so back to square one on the platter remake this week.. and it looks like i'll be doing some slipware after all doug :)) some nice black and white slip mixed up and ready to go!!.. HA I don't believe it.. do you????!!!


  1. oh boy something new- should be fun, at least from here!

  2. It must be something subconscious, the slip is calling you....

  3. hehhe meredith you know I can't help myself :))

    ali ali ali..... you're right :))