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Saturday 28 April 2012

saturday studio time...

 a beautiful autumn day in my studio, time to throw and trim new pots... I have enjoyed it immensely perhaps next week there will be more time to spend with clay..

Friday 27 April 2012

mid cycle...

I had a get back to the studio day wednesday, public holidays are great for goal hitting and great incentives for focus time...


after 2 days of softening the remnants of the last pugging day i finally gave in and unbolted the end of my pugmill only to find that if i left it another day or 2 the moisture would have got though the last 10cm or so!! grr oh well took me half a day i did some cleaning and finally got it all back together..

and just enough time to get some throwing in after pugging a box of recycled.... so theres it time to get cranking i have a slipware kiln to finish filling then we'll fire big momma and hopefully get some nice results in the gas kiln..

my kiln is all wired up but she has a problem the thermostat doesn't work so its all or nothing!!! could make for some very quick firings, so i think we'll try to fix that first, what do ya reckon :)) and maybe a thin layer of fibre inside the lid to stop brick bits falling through to. So exciting i can't wait to get into production mode with my own kiln..

so there ya have it I'm ready to roll tomorrow, the weather should be fine so a nice throwing day for terracotta, i think i'll aim to fill those shelves!!!

Tuesday 24 April 2012

creatives expose...

my dear friend derek came over for dinner with his family a couple of weeks ago with the sub text of doing some shots in the studio :P

the end results was some very well cooked roast and some cool pics! these are for derek's personal creatives works, he does studies of friends which you can find on his blog.

here's some of my fav pics...

and on the kiln front its now wired up but neither the thermostat nor the safety work so the kiln is just on!!

so some more repairs soon i hope..

it also seems autumn is well set in the nights are very chilly and rain, rain and more rain is on the menu this week, I guess i'll head out early to class tonight to find the heaters!!

Thursday 19 April 2012

kuru alala and locavore...

A lil moving pictures moment from the Jam Factory Adelaide tonight... so many shows so little time it seemed, the opening was held downstairs in the main gallery, there's 2 lovely spaces down there with indigenous works in them...a gorgeous wall of gumnuts that looked like teapot lids!!
the atrium space with some timber works, the collectors space in the front window and our show Locavore with Sunshine March, Minnette Michael, Natalie Gock, Timpena Williams, Anilyuru Williams, Jane Burbidge, Tom Moore, Angela Walford, Jane Robertson and Caren Ellis, in the showroom above the atrium was just a delight to be invited, thanks Wayne Mcara... if you're in town check it out :))

check out the Jam's photos pre show glimpse on facebook

Friday 13 April 2012

pop series...

my new 'pop' series is the work I began in January play session intending to move on to some whiter clay bodies including cool ice after firing this work..

I did however get distracted by some very nice local clay bennetts terracotta this great body is mined across the road from me and it's relatively inexpensive to purchased filtered and pugged. So this tangent has become a new focus for this year alongside the new 'pop' series... I won't be working on them at the same time as my studio isn't the most pristine space but here we have some of my pics from this week..

taking the time to look at the space around the object was the purpose of this photo shoot and detailing some of the lovely glaze elements that have come from this firing.. these days i embrace the drips, the simple movement where glaze overlaps are some lovely delicate touches on these pots..

Wednesday 4 April 2012

small lines and gestures...

Don't ya just love new stuff!!!

new ideas, fresh glazes ideas that just fulfil your ambitions?!!

these new earthenware tests started in march and i'm only just getting some glaze firings through but all good i'm so happy! we unloaded the kiln last night and so many things just worked..

little dribbles and brush lines, you know the marks of the process they always make me smile..

it's the little things beginning to focus...and thats totally what i wanted to do this year..
be focussed on exactly what i'm doing not looking over my shoulder to the next thing or what needs to happen next but to look and see what is in front of me all the other stuff like deadlines can happen later when this work is in full swing, right now i'm seeing simple marks, small lines and gestures that inspire me... i'm gonna let this work grow and see where it takes me

 full processes and tech details will be on my weebly page along with some new visual galleries popping up soon