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Monday 27 February 2012

sunday sunday....

Ah yes.. it be market time again and gorgeous weather as predicted with a very strange thumping summer shower in the morning... but it cleared up and got muggy :)) haha!! but a great day it was full of loads of visitors and a massive catchup with Rosa just back from New Zealand, what a treat time away is, so refreshing and inspiring... I'm just about ready for another trip pity my back pocket isn't!!

Anyhoo enjoy the lovely tunes of yesterdays buskers and a great greenery backdrop from next doors plant guy!! very nice..

Thursday 23 February 2012

HIVE meets fringe...

Deanna and her cousin 'the subject'
I popped down to the HIVE this evening they are currently hosting an exhibition by Deanna Janssan entitled 'Introspection'  it's such a great venue and holding a solo exhibition no small task. Speaking of her own work Deanna spoke of her paintings and the development across the years. She is in her first year studying at Adelaide Central School of Art, it's a top notch school! the SA ceramics award exhibition was held there last year.. So congrats Deanna a very cool show and if you're local you really must stop in and see this one..

This week HIVE launches its very first Fringe exhibiton! Supporting young local artist, Deanna Janssan, the exhibition 'Introspection' will run from the 24 Feb to 16 March 2012 at HIVE. The launch is on this Thursday starting at 6:30pm with nibbles and light refreshments provided. 

Hive 12 - Twenty Five

Thursday 16 February 2012

going, going, gone...

the end

elodie's lovely platters

What fun we had last night at the Jam....

A big congrats to Stephanie James Manttan... we know you did all the work!!!

Yummy wine and munchies by Wayne Mcara, chef extraordinaire....the prawn and dill finger sandwiches were just out there!!! and a lil lamb and meat pie was just divine.... there was of course the sweet blue fairy floss squares that were just crazy, he did and excellent job backstage whilst his clay talent were on the wall with the rest of the crew... It was lovely to see Jane Reilly pop in as well as chief opener Jeff Mincham who's gorgeous piece was auctioned off at the end of the evening..

Anyhoo some truly charming pieces went for a steal last night, I had my eye on an indigenous piece but it went way over my budget!! and at the end of the night the walls were cleared and everything went to great homes..

'Trevor' Poh's gorgeous pair of platters of the skull and torso went for crazy dollars...
The top ten priced platters after the silent auction then went to live auction and every piece in the room sold!!

I had a great time catching up with friends and trying to organise lunch meets.. well we'll see :))

footnote from Steph

Thank you to all you beautiful decorators and volunteers who helped out last night at the platter project, I love you all!!! The evening was a roaring success, the vibe in the room was amazing. We sold everything so bumping out today will be easy. Also thank you to Craftsouth and JamFactory and our sponsors Toop & Toop, Fox Creek Wines, Goodieson Brewery and Clayworks, our success would not have happened without your support. On behalf of the 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale I thank you again!!! 

Platter Project Auction for 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale

Saturday 4 February 2012

shoot the potter...Gus

So last monday I went to the Jam Factory ( here after know as 'the JAM' ) as you would know from the previous post on the platter project, I had planned to get Gus Clutterbuck photographed in his studio the week before but as things turned out Gus was doing a body cast when I arrived so I shot some pics of Susan Frost  instead and returned last week to do Gus's pics..

Emma Hack was in the studio when I arrived, the body cast is for her and a project she has going for a London UK exhibition more details on that when it come around.. There are quite a few videos of Emma's work as I found while hunting around for something to put on screen for our art chat last tuesday night.. the pieces I found segued nicely from each other :)) a piece on the SA art gallery into a video from the night sessions they ran last year into a piece on Emmas body art and into the Gotye film clip for which Emma did the body art and into the Hive clip I put together a virtual tour for Carley which had wouldn't you know it Gotye as the sound track... anyhoo back to Gus...

He kindly gave me free space to shoot in and put up with me saying yep just one more shot more times than I can remember.. it was nice to have so many pieces of influence around the studio, outback images with their strong red tones and bush scenes were just stunning..
Unfortunately Gus is about to lose this space moving into a smaller studio and giving this prime space as the jigger jolley room, a shame really as it's a great room with lovely light..

So thanks Gus and here's hoping we make it into The Journal of Australian Ceramics, shoot the potter edition..

Thursday 2 February 2012

platter auction...

Last week my friend Stephanie James Manton from the Jam Factory invited me to do a platter for the Ceramics Auction fundraiser for Ceramics Triennale to be hosted in Adelaide this year.. and talk about pressure all of a sudden decorating just one platter was bit stressful but quite a good challenge..

 I headed in with my camera gear for a photo shoot I was doing with Gus and a bunch of screens inks my fav brushes just in case and my metal stamps for Lil Birdie platter. 

Monday was a great day Gus and Andy were working on a figure mold for Emma Hack so I grabbed a couple of shots working on that piece and of Gus with his great work for which he has just recently received an award from Korea, nice going Gus..

I'll do a post on that next but this is all about the platter auction...

Wednesday 15th February 2012 5.30pm
Tickets $20 pp
at the Jam Factory for tickets call 08 8410 1822 or 0410 479 895
or email 

Works will be auctioned by Toop & Toop
and include stunning individual works
works by well known Adelaide celebs and visual artists
the cast... Jane Reilly channel 10, Poh Ling Yeow of Poh's kitchen, 
Simon Bryant of the cook and the chef, Michael Angelakis well know fish guy! Simone Kennedy..
James Dodd Graffiti artist, Emma Hack body artist, Bruce Nuske, Elodie Barker and heaps more...

so its up to us all now!! head on down if you're in town it will be a great evening and check out some of the amazing works...