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Tuesday 29 April 2008

sala site

Had a play putting together my sala site today let me know whatcha think. I've pretty much covered a wide range of domestic wares along with more surface texture wares. Wow lots of resizing images to their specs but I think I have the hang of it now and ready to set up the club site for our open studio event in august this year.

Sunday 27 April 2008

rain on part 2

Had lunch in the freezing hills today caught up with my buddy rose whilst we played hookie from the market it was 7 deg up there, we still waiting for the 'snow'  it's just a little shock to the system. I tried to snap some roos on my way home but they're slippery little suckers and just out of reach of my phone cam. Maybe next month they'll stand still for me..

rain on

It's been a rain fest the last few hours but we needed it! I got some studio time in yesterday and friday so I have some platters to choose from for campbelltown show, also did a little slip work I'm just about to head up to the studio now to see how they survived the 'dipping'. Sun's out but it's freezing it will take a while to get used to this..

Wednesday 23 April 2008


Well we're finally getting into the swing of organising ourselves for sala in sa, quite a few of our club members are participating this year it should be fun, between this and the fringe festival there's so much to see! It will depend on football season as to how much space we can use at the club, the Golden Grove football club being the northern tenants of our shared building. But thats much further down the track we have until august after all. Anywho crazy week but I should get some more throwing in by weeks end, Friday being anzac day is a public holiday and has taken another day away from getting work done and made life rather frantic. I should have some pictures to post this weekend and it's stirling market this sunday hopefully we don't get rained out.

Saturday 19 April 2008

mud mud glorious mud

Had another throwing effort today with some yummy recycled batch it's prob going to need some nice porcelain slip inside, you 'slippers' must be influencing me! Made a few large platters just warming up for the Campbelltown exhibition 6 weeks to go, another throwing effort and I should be ok for that one. pics to follow..

 I had a bash at making 'square' plates at the club this week also with the lovely soft recycled clay, we'll see if I have the nack if they remain square, hints anyone? pics to follow..

Monday 14 April 2008

all wrapped up

Well finally all fired now there was one straggler in the set finally fired and all pieces are wrapped up and ready to go to fremantle to a rather nice looking bistro-foodstore-gifts george street

Thursday 10 April 2008


Just unloaded from the kiln today some more experimental pieces they've been sitting for a while while I decided how to decorate them. I used  an old pink stained glaze for decoration and was really looking for glaze fill in the scored detailing. Plus a new breaky bowl to munch from while checking everyones blogs...and one more blue crackle platter.

Monday 7 April 2008

provence in fremantle

Just before I send this order away I thought I'd better grab some images. I made 12 of each - beakers, small and medium size bowl for a shop in fremantle it will be nice to hear how they go out west. Oh and the mighty "mud" who so wanted to get in on the pics.

Saturday 5 April 2008

roll on fibre

It's been a very prickly day putting in the fibre and nearly done we ran out of zircon fibre needed to complete the inner layer, I'll order some this week so maybe next weekend it will be finished.

I had a super team effort on today with kevin, jill and pam helping out with the kiln. I did a couple of try out videos on my phone but the quality's a bit rough and that's jill chatting on her phone , anywho you still get the idea...thanks all..

Doug just so you can see the buttons that hold the fibre in kevin is holding them, they have a loop on the back for the nichrome wire to go through. This get poked through the fibre and through a space between the bricks quite often the join and sometimes if I'm lucky there's a previous hole drilled through the brick, the wire is the secured carefully on to the wire frame, i say carefully cause i can't count how many times ive broken the button by pulling too tightly on the wire.

We have 4 layers of standard fibre and one layer of zircon on the door, 1 layer of each inside the kiln.

Wednesday 2 April 2008

play day

hey doug! a few snapshots from today so you know the face behind the 'voice' but just to make it fun i've included all my buddies from wednesday group, well the ones that were there, missing anna, rae, belinda, linda..