Thursday, 10 February 2011

the ground...

artline 0.4 pen x2 on A5 sketchbook page
My tuesday night drawing class took an excursion into the outdoors this week ...I thought a change of scenery would be nice for the knew term...

I made up some lil viewing frames to assist with choosing what exactly to draw outside and we spent quite some time out there quietly sketching away enjoying the cool breeze and the birds..we were visited by fatty the magpie who eats everything left out for him and Janet from my class did a quick sketch of him, it was good quick sketching practice because he didn't want to stand still at all..

I drew several sketches of the ground around me it is covered with debris from the gum trees, grasses, leaves, sticks bark and ants...It was a really interesting exercise and in the last sketch i put my frame on the ground to draw what was within and got out the charcoal to do a really loose impression of what I saw...
I'm thinking some really large pieces of paper and some easels would be fun out there!!

Click on images for larger pics..

FC charcoal on Cartridge A5 sketchbook page


  1. Your sketches are lovely. I can see those turning into tiles :o)

  2. hey cindy well thats a good idea :))

  3. love the drawings... sounds idyllic, sketching with a cool breeze

  4. hey jim so nice after quite a warm day outside :))

    ah Patricia there you are! mmmm new tiles is a good idea thanks to cindy when i have a mo to roll some out i'll get to it...need a whole day really to get into the zone...