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Friday 28 December 2012

studio makeunder...

I have floor!!!
 wow I didn't think this would take 3 days, I have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned again.. I have totally reworked how the space happens..except for my throwing station I like that spot. Still tossing up a notion of sealing the floor as I sure a tonne of the dust is the concrete.

finished wares now are all up the top end, as are the market boxes and tables.
my old damp cbd that I'd stopped using but the mice hadn't! will now be bisque ware storage plus left over shino pots waiting to be fired.

oooh vermin...nothing like a few carcases and nothin like a bit of bleach!!

the shelves stayed!
 I've swung the bench around hoping to have better access to everything and for the odd workshop at least I can use both sides.

tool rack...
 I must say my new best friend is the cordless drill/screwdriver with pop out tools parts, just love it although my elbow has had enough today.. So i wouldn't make much of a trady!

main throwing station...

oh so organised...

labelled even...

oops still a mess...

wheels and prop crate..
 One of my bug bears is the prop dept. they end up all over the floor commit hari kari off any shelf they sit on, so castors on an old crate has fixed that!

the beast!

glazes sorted by cones
 All of my glazes are now together and i'll be able to see what to toss down the track and the main users are on the bottom shelf for ease of access..

shelvage remained..
Love these, i think we made this last year, the old ware boards up a ladder trick..

pies de resistance 
 and my old trolley got pulled apart and turned into a ware board rack, I dont use them a lot these days but sometimes when the clay is to soft they come in handy and especially for the larger works too.

half of my old shelf unit..
and finally refitting of my old shelvage unit it was going up high next to the other one but then I realised I couldn't reach anything!! After discovering it came in 2 parts, half has ended up here for some light things and the other half might end up outside near the pugging station..

Really who would have thought 3 days but it really took some time figuring it all out and I really haven't tossed that much but I'm sure it will come later.. or when there's room in the bin :P


  1. That is a fantastic achievement, a clean floor that you can actually see, and so much purposeful order! I wish I could copy and paste your studio photos into my studio so that it miraculously transformed itself... but I guess that the marvels of the digital age haven't quite got to that point yet. (Virtual cleaning... it would really catch on!!) I see that I will have to simply be inspired.. and begin 3 days of cleaning! Happy New Year! P

  2. why thankyou peter 3days of hard slog certainly appreciate such flattery, feel free to copy and paste into your space!! furniture rebuilding and construction aside its the brain shuffling that takes so long, I look forward to your studio cleansing images then :P happy new year to you and laura

  3. Very impressive! I still want to see it again after a couple of weeks of production.

  4. I went through this just before my studio tour. It felt so good to throw out, clean up and reorganize. Now I'm ready to go back in with a fresh mind and a clear space. Hope it has an impact on what I make next year! Congrats on a job well done, you aren't going to want to leave your studio now, haha!

  5. it's gonna work dennis!! I'm not worried about making some mess as the space is better organised..

    oh it feels good trace, a few days off now to have some space and break in the new year, then at it, I have kilns booked and a load of work to make.. that plus some new tile work....oh the fun of a new year, it begins again :))

  6. You are inspiring me to do some new year's cleanout of my own studio! :) Unless, of course, you are free to come over! LOL

  7. heyyy judi, thanks drop on by anytime :P

    hi julia, yeh get on it!! heheee same prob with distance issues me thinks, waiting for the day of super fast planes then skipping across the planet would be a speedy option!

  8. can't quite face my mess yet but thanks for the inspiration. Could you please explain your wheel setup? Would have thought the raised wheel would be for throwing while standing but then you have a high seat?

  9. hey anna, yeh it's for the best of both worlds, my hips were not dealing well with throwing in a low position hence the platform and every now and then I lean on the high stool rather than sitting on it propper... hope that makes some sense, any possey you find comfortable really is what it's all about!!

  10. hi Angela, thanks for that - something else to think on as I do sometimes have a hip ache..

  11. Your studio looks super, what a good job, you have inspired me to do some clean up, I found a box just the other day with stuff left over from a pit firing from who knows when, ugh. I think a stain or sealing on the floor would be wonderful.

  12. Happy New Year Angela..Yes, you have inspired me as well. My intention is to do the same, and I was thinking it would take me a month!! and my space is only 300sq feet!,and so inefficient and I, too, tend to spread out and take over even spaces that aren't 'deemed' for the purpose that I am working on at the time.
    Good job. Cheers. T.

  13. hiya Linda, yeh get to it although I can't imagine you have loads after all the travelling you have done..

    Hi Trish :)) happy sorting it is the best time of year I think.. Yeh I cover as much surface area as I have to work with, not ideal and perhaps bad habits die hard..