Tuesday, 18 December 2012

get out and buy local hand made...

well Merry Christmas everyone!!! 
hope you are all suitably sold out of gifts and for those last minute shopper get out and buy local hand made this christmas!!

Stirling Market was our best ever December and thanks to all the lovely peeps who came out and bought gifts for yourself and others this year from us..

We're back next year so see you in January with lots of new lovely stuff!!!

The lil grey roo on Roses lap is a rescue Joey most of them get brought in by truckers and get hand nursed until they can be released, in the other bag was a little red roo but he was snuggled up and didn't come out for a peek...

we do get all kinds of visitors on sundays but this wee guy was a nice surprise :))

I'm off doing last minute deliveries today, a quick stop in to Milan Rouge, then Tuesday class break up drinks at the pub tonight..

anyhoo have a lovely holiday season whatever you are up to, I'll be hanging out with family no big trips this year. and some nice time to sort out the studio again and on my wish list some new shelves... cheers all


  1. Merry Christmas to you also! Great pics, not your typical Christmas photos over here :)

  2. Na trace we do it a bit warmer :P although sunday was quite cool in stirling which made a very nice day for it