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Tuesday 4 December 2012

cooking up some new tiles...

I had a sudden burst of energy to get some new tiles going and have some notions of how they may turn out just need to get some tech advice before I head on with that train of thought!

the big square tiles are my recycled body of all sorts that get pressed into a former, the cracks and crevices are desireable and look rather stoneline if fired high enough..

and the porcelain tiles are additions on top of the base tiles with a decorative motif..

this shino firing is being held for after the next bisque for the casserole dish for Milan Rouge and some mugs on order... for Stirling Market
waiting so slowly for this guy to dry out before firing!!

then theres a few more orders from my open studio, I had a day last week of just cranking out these orders and of course every piece is a different type of firing...I think I just create this chaos to keep myself busy sometimes!

It is organised chaos though everything is in its place :P Hope to see you at the Wheaty Sale on Saturday!! 12-3pm


  1. OH, we are all over the place- I think potters are really a good place for those ADD ideas to run. Of,course I am waiting to see where you take those tiles.....

  2. hey M you know it! tiles all over the place at the mo, preesed tiles, porcelain tiles, ash tiles and oooh ahhhh experimental tiles! bring onn that next firing :))

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  4. At least your chaos is organized. My whole studio is about as orderly as a kiln explosion right now. I have to go make some horizontal surfaces so I can unload the kiln.

  5. hey dennis, im sure you know where everything is!! happy unloading..

  6. Chaos is good, you are a busy girl! Love the look of the cracks in the tiles. I remember my pottery students and how they would spend hours smoothing every little blemish on their clay and I try to get as many marks as I can, ha! Fingers crossed for that casserole, yikes!

  7. cheers trace, I know you soon get over everything being perfect and start looking firing blessings! yeh thanks for that, the casserole is heavily grogged so should be ok :))

  8. Hi Ange,
    I see some spam robot has hit your comments above this one. Grrrrrrrrrr!
    Your work space looks like Santa's workshop! It must be something to do with the time of year! I heard strange rumours that Christmas was near the end of this month!!