Tuesday, 11 December 2012

fully loaded...

So that's another kiln fully loaded and will be the third glaze firing for this week.. I had another intermittent week in the studio in between nursing the fluffy mud monster post his surgery, it was a very disconcerting week and after having 7 bad teeth out, he's responded well and really is doing well for a 17yr old!! Anyhoo back to the pots, every piece is wadded and the casserole twice wadded underneath..  

my plan is to fire tomorrow, its going to be a warm day so I'm hoping for a cool change late in the day.. this kiln is loaded with shinos, both orders and market wares..

the tiles came out well and the ash ones are looking interesting too all ready to be painted..the earlier tests in the background are my recycled body which holds up well and keeps a nice flat tile shape..

thinking about what i might do with some glass..

and a quiet moment after the first rush at 'the wheaty' in thebarton,
it really is quite the phenomenon peeps love to come in and meet the makers and get their christmas shopping done, it was quite the fun day I came home with more pots than I ever have... a great swap with Elodie and some lovely purchases from Ali and Erin.. We gather at eleven am for a very quick setup and a 12 oclock open we even get a 5 min countdown :P and then the peeps rush in heading straights to their favs and as it's only my second year, I watch and then it all settles after 30mins and then theres a steady stream of Christmas present hunters. I really enjoy this annual event catch up as we really are all spread out across town.

I really must get on to the gas guys, I think I have one very low tank of gas but it will be great to start on tomorrow!
And Friday night is Artisans at Greenoch Market  5.30 -8.30pm with Stirling Market on Sunday
10am - 4pm followed by of course a trip to the pub!

some glassies! and Jane in the background

Charmaine's table

my tables on the right and Ali is on the left


  1. Good luck with the firing, you are really busy with 3 glaze firings in a week!
    I couldn't help but wonder what your "fluffy mud monster" is... I'm guessing a cat, but it could be all sorts of strange things in your part of the world!
    Hope you have good sales in the run up to Christmas.
    P x

  2. thanks peter, yeh my sweet cat has been a bit poorly but all good at the mo, ha I know what you mean there are plenty of crawly things in the garden but none that I would take to the vet and nurse for 2 weeks... :)) yeh me too peter and likewise have a super 'silly' season and a great christmas, I have a couple of friends moving to NZ in Jan so you never know I may just pop in for a visit!

  3. Loving those tiles!
    Poor kitty :(
    And envious of a show where people rush in to buy art! Haven't seen one of thoses in awhile!

  4. still brewing over the tiles trace....cone 6 something HA! yeh sweet fella is struggling in the heat today and crazy me just finished firing in it...here's fingers crossed for a good one.. :))