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Wednesday 26 December 2012

the cleanup has begun...

yes of course I'm talking about my studio, it's boxing day and a fine day too... John Butler is on spotify and I just had a handful of mini fruit mince pies, mums treat for Christmas Day, I think there may well be a sugar overload today..

made some great pots in my sleep last night and I can only hope to come close to making some of those next year :))

anyhoo the cleanup has begun... I was going to move the big shelving unit but maybe this will work out ok just moving the big table around then access to shelves is going to be better..
What is it about studios and that need for open space? Is it a thinking area?? Anyhoo I'm going with this configuration for a month and see how I like it, it's the easy option for now..

hopefully a trip to ickea will bring some new shelving and somewhere to put the bisque wares. I end up getting in a load of trouble with the way I work! there's usually 3 ideas going on at the same time and in between firings man does it get messy :P

the remaining bags of clay have a new home..

it should look a load better by end of day!!

It's been a sweet Christmas just hanging and chilling and hopefully the road trips peeps are taking this time of year will be safe ones, take care out there. Happy Boxing Day and Birthdays to my friends and family this season and if you make it around to my place fast there's an awesome trifle in the fridge and some super home made truffles!


  1. a Happy Boxing Day to you too. Love the clay in the fridge idea!

  2. haha, clay in the fridge! I started cleaning my studio Christmas too....feels so awesome :)

  3. well thanks anna, its a great idea for summer keeps the humidity rather consistent...more tidy up tomorrow after this mess

  4. hiya mr G, hope you had success today too, happy boxing day

  5. Good luck Ang.It will be nice to see what a clean studio looks like. I don't have a clue at this point. Show us what it looks like 2 weeks after you clean too!

  6. Ah yes, the studio clean-up. Now you make me wish I had kept the old refrigerator.

    Mine starts task at a time. I'm sure I will be asking myself just where all this stuff came from.

    Happy Boxing Day!

  7. Love that clay storage! I am so envious of your space, my little 12x12 studio has to stay orderly otherwise I have no place to work. If I had lots of space, I would be a lot messier. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for the new year, this has been a great year of new things for you, lots of good stuff! Happy Christmas!

  8. hey dennis i still wouldnt call it clean but i am considering sealing the floor at this point..

    happy clean up smarts ;))

    ah trace i wish a mega studio for you!! and I so hope i could make anything close to what i made in my dream the other night...I would be very happy indeed, hope you ahve had a shower by now :))