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Friday, 14 December 2012

popped a cone in...

This week was looking like it could be great or there could be more disappointments.. So how nice it it when everything comes out great!
2/2 glaze firings and only a couple of issues that are quite funny!

I do love this amber, fired to C5 and a refire for some other large mugs that didn't reach temp at the club kiln, grr a total waste of 50% of the firing.. well that was a lesson on using the cones again as some of the elements obviously aren't drawing  full power, anyhoo lesson learned, popped a cone in and vwala!!

 the body of the mug looked to me like there was some other clay in it so i sanded and slipped on some TMK porcelainous stoneware and it came up a treat, some lovely movement with the glaze, HAPPY JAN!!

woah oh oh shino!!!

this one I've named 'porridge and tea', note to self check the wads are settled :P
I wadded every pot in this kiln and great results with nothing sticking to the shelves.

Casserole commission above is for 'Milan Rouge' survived and all good no warps, no dings, no scratches! The only thing I'm concerned about is the colour, it absorbed a lot of carbon, well I'll only find out when the customer sees it.. and a refill for this kiln, well thats going to take me a while. I made loads of smaller bowls intentionally for this firing and thought I had over estimated, you know when you're on a roll throwing and the day just keeps going. I had several sessions like this and really didn't consider how the stack would go, well I got every piece bar 1 large pot in plus brought a couple of pieces out of the damp cupboard where they can store for months waiting to be fired.. I seriously had room for some cups but ran out of things to put in, love that!
 and also tested some of my C6 glazes just to see what would happen! I like em!

Next week i'll get the camera gear out and take some details of work left over after this wkd, the Artisans at Greenock is on tonight at the Barossa about an hours drive from here and it's raining right now, the humidity is a nightmare today but hopefully will clear up later :)) and Sunday is Stirling Market the last one for the year, so here's hoping for a nice day..
Anyhoo what a nice way to wrap up the week, its been just enough testing to give me something to go on next firing and really hanging for the next time I can get in the studio and make. 
Have a great wkd all..

my mugs for conjoined twins


  1. Your shinos get better and better! If that casserole customer doesn't like that piece, they have no taste, it's lovely!!
    I would be very happy with it:)

  2. Oh yeah that amber is nice too, yum!

  3. mornin trace :)) I know, its just the previous piece she bought was quite the typical orange shino, we'll see and thanks I amped up the iron silicate in this recipe its just muchable hey

  4. muchable- love that.
    I love a tasty pot.
    Girl you are on a roll- lovelies rolling off the production line.
    And you never know when you need to serve a "double" cuppa to someone.

  5. Love the bird mugs!!! You fiber kiln is a wonder, have never seen one before. Perfect size for a studio ! My electric kilns are great but boy there are times I drool for a reduction kiln...... Really nice shines!

  6. heheh M still think they're destined for the dremel...sweet monster mugs! pity

    hey Sandy yeh the low key version of blue under green, these guys are an order from my open studio sale. I am very happy with the kiln size, easy for one to fill and a beauty of a firer :))

    cheers Hollis, hope you're firing went well

  7. Wow! Your shinos are sparking! Nice Very nice!

  8. Hey connie thanks..ta for dropping in