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Friday 9 October 2009

where's a bee keeper when you need one??........

yep the bisque is all fired up and i was dreaming last night of all the pots i blew up in the firing so it must have been a good one.!!

aside from a bunch of bees trying to nest in the studio yesterday was fairly uneventful a little smoke soon sent them on their way after an hour or so...I have a old chimney in the studio that i tossed in some damp twigs a set a wee fire, we used to have a bee keeper around the corner from us when i was young and i remember him coming to the rescue around the side of our house and smoking them out saying it disorients them and they move on...

mulitple muggage coming out of the studio at the mo, unusual for me but since i'm now over my handle phobia.. thanks doug! and a weird little glaze called perfect purple that gives diff. results everytime i fire it, so this time i've tried it over a layer of celedon i've heard of doing that with a copper red glaze and it seems related in appearance so we'll see after the next glaze firing..

and i still have gas in that tank i was trying to empty, its the 9th so i may be able to fill another bisque and squeeze in a glaze fire before the end of the month, i'd really like new stock to take to waldorf and stirling wkd combo.. cheers all have a great friday... raku tomorrow woohoo...


  1. Purple over the celadon looks great, have a good raku day.

  2. Looks like you are wonderfully productive over there. I do like the copper red looking glaze in the first photo. Out of interest, what sort of burners does your gas kiln use? I'm having gas kiln making thoughts at the moment, and am interested because yours looks home made.

    Loved the photo of the headless wonders in the last post, they look like they met with a nasty accident whilst piloting a flying saucer under a low bridge!

  3. hey peter, how ya doing this fine evening?.. i have 2 venturis and 2 pilots that are good for 600Degrees which pretty much makes the entire system overkill for my little kiln! its all fibre too which makes it very efficient i bought it in my final year of college and have done minimal reno on the frame and one layer of fibre on the door that was cracked, plus a crucial paint job to make it mine!!

    the headless team poor guys!! are from the british museum such a pity that great works were damaged but there you have it.. grave robbers and time prob decimated a lot of amazing sculptural work of the past..

  4. hi linda, yeh lets hope for good reduction next firing the plan is get it happening early about 900deg for anything related to reds and they do well with intermittent reduction too i've learned..thanks its looking like a nice day tomorrow about 21 deg..C

  5. here's a beekeeper... too bad you're so far away... very glad to hear you smoked them out as opposed to using some kind of chemical pesticide spray. hurray for the bees. beautiful red in that first shot