Monday, 11 July 2011

oh just workin it....

Tea Tree Studio's Tuesday class is on a two week break
after which we switch teams.. Kevin will be taking the drawing class  and I will taking a throwing class so come on down if your a beginner or intermediate at either we'll happily have a chat and a coffee..... on these chilly nights the core are still showing up ....yeh!!!!!


AND more from me this is part of my SALA work tiles for 3 Seasons in One Day and teapots for Golden Grove SALA and On Sale SALA too... just finished up there tonight in the studio and still trying to dry out the studio floor after the flood last week..... I had the Gas Kiln on again in hopes to dry out the atmosphere, it's getting better but still very damp out there tonight...
Anyhoo the curry is on and smelling rather good right now so catch ya soon with exhibition info for the month of SALA.....

oooh side note... a little doug fitch sprig on the front of this one :P


  1. Hi Ang, I really like the form on that last Teapot.

  2. you are a girl on fire since you got home- keep it coming!

  3. cheers dennis.. it's a newy for me i really like it too!!

    hey meredith how ya been?? I know sudden burst of inspiration :)) must have been all that home cooking!!!

  4. I can NOT wait to see those tiles!

  5. Yep, I'm liking the form on that last teapot too. I used to make a similar shape when I did ^10 and really enjoyed that shape. Noice...

  6. Your class sounds like such fun. I wish I could come hang out, draw and do clay with y'all!... Tiles looking good!

  7. ha judi they're still wet!!! gonna take em to the club tomorrow it's dryer down there...

    howdy trace....ahhhh so you inspired me :))

    oh patricia you're welcome anytime... last weeks convo was all about body parts and sculptures... pretty darn funny :P

  8. hi ang,
    i totally dig the first teapot and the business on the side of it. looks very cool

  9. hey jim cheers mr.... they're all bisqued up and ready to get fired this sat...woohoo