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Tuesday 5 July 2011

studio sneak...

Well the Sala catalogue is out and it's crunch time. Over the next 3 weeks I need to get work together for 4 shows and luckily one firing is already under my belt and some very nice pieces came out of that kiln. So onward into the exhibition work, I did manage to get some studio time yesterday even though I had 8 white fingers a freezing start to the day.... Well things warmed up finally and by 4.30pm had a good start into the tiles underdeco... 3 different slips plus on bisque printing and some glaze additions of colour too will complete the layering..

my chalkboard side of the fridge is a great place to sketch out ideas..

Some of the teasets underway and teapots in production..

my new bung for the kiln door..

So back up to the studio for another stint today and hopefully prep my new silkscreens that I put together on saturday.. I have the photo emulsion and just need a dark box to keep them in while getting ready to expose the screens. I grabbed an outdoor halogen worklight last week and just need to test the exposures with the wattage of the light... fingers crossed!


  1. love those fat and sassy handles

  2. ahh cheers meredith my handles are def evolving :))

  3. Nice shot of the chalk board. Drawing is always a good place to start.

  4. hey's my fall back position and my starting place :))